How To Protect The Look of Flokati Rugs

Flokati rug cleaning is pretty much like other rug cleaning. Their unkempt, deep-piled shag carpeting look provides a soft and luxurious underfoot experience, but can also trap a lot of dirt and debris. These beautiful hand woven shag rugs can liven up a room or provide an inviting spot in the living area. However, you need to clean them on a regular basis to maintain the beauty and eye catching look of the floor covering, since these rugs can be more expensive than a normal area rug. That’s why you need to go for a Flokati rug cleaning service when you are in need of having it cleaned. A company that deals with these rugs on a regular basis will be to properly care for the floor covering.

These rugs need proper care and maintenance like all the other rug types. A professional Flokati rug cleaning service knows the method that should be used when cleaning these fine floor coverings. Many people think that shaking can remove all the dirt particles. However, it is not true at all because small dust particles can hide in the fibers and are difficult to remove outside of having it professionally cleaned. A professional rug cleaner will have specially designed equipment to gently vibrate the dry soil out of the floor covering. This will ensure that no dry soil is left in the rug to scratch or dull the fibers.

A professional Flokati rug cleaning company will use only the mildest and safest rug cleaning solutions to properly clean these floor coverings. They should be able wash the rug and dry them flat. Fully submerging and washing a rug is the only way to ensure that the rug is thoroughly cleaned. They should not use any harmful chemicals during the cleaning process and will thoroughly rinse the rug before drying. This cleaning method will ensure the optimum health of your floor covering and it will extend the life of it as well.

If you will be storing the rug after getting it cleaned it is a good idea to have the rug wrapped in tyvek for storage. Never store a rug in plastic. Rugs can hold up to 30% of their weight in water and still feel dry to the touch. So if you were to store a rug in plastic it could create condensation within the plastic and cause the rug to grow mold, mildew, or dry rot. Wrapping it in tyvek will allow it to breath and protect it at the same time. This small step to protect the rug could save you a lot of heart ache later on down the road.

If you use the rug with care and clean it frequently, you should be able to enjoy it for a lifetime. These rugs are durable and long lasting when properly care for. Therefore it is worth it to select a professional Flokati rug cleaning company in your local area to protect the investment.

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