How To Clean Animal Skins

As someone that owns a rug cleaning plant there are so many different types of rugs and you have to be able to clean them all. Animal skins of all kinds are gaining popularity as rugs and so the natural question is how to clean animal skins? We regularly see cowhides, sheepskins, and even a zebra skin. As a matter of fact these rugs are a great choice if you have kids, pets, or allergies. Since they don’t shed they typically don’t bother people with allergies.

Cleaning animals skins start first with vacuuming the skins using the brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner in the direction the hair lays. If you have a smaller skin you can take it outside and shake it to remove the loose soil. You can also use a plastic bristled brush to help remove the soil and this will also keep the hair soft.

Something else people refer to when they want to know how to clean animal skins is how to remove spills. Blotting up spills as they occur is the best way to have a chance of preventing a stain. Remember spots can be removed but stains are permanent. Don’t let the spot sit on the animal skin long enough to become a stain. So you have a party and some wine, juice, coffee, or tea is spilled on the animal skin make sure to clean it up as soon as you notice it. If you need to, you can use a little soapy water and a white terry cloth towel to thoroughly clean the spot. However, you must follow this with a straight water on a terry cloth towel to rinse the soap residue. Make sure to only have the rag damp so that you minimize the amount of water on the rug. You should not soak or saturate the rug with water.

For urine or vomit on an animal skin follow the procedures above and then use a diluted solution of vinegar and water. Somewhere in the ratio of 1 oz of vinegar to 10 oz of water. Make sure to use a white terry cloth towel and only wipe in the direction the hair is laying. This will help remove any odor from the animal skin and help keep the PH balanced after using the mild detergent.

If food is dropped on you animal skin then it needs to be scraped up with a spoon or dull knife as quick as possible and in the direction the hair is laying. Then you can repeat the steps described above to clean the area.

If you still feel uncomfortable with clean animal skins then I would recommend you take it to a rug cleaning professional. They will not only be able to clean the hair on the skin but they will be able to make sure that the skin stays soft and pliable during the cleaning process. This is important because a properly cared for animal skin can last a lifetime.

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