The Best Steam Mops For Hardwood Floors: Our 2021 Picks & Expert Reviews

Steam mops are a great chemical-free way to deep-clean the floors in your home. However, hardwood floors call for special care, so finding the perfect steam mop that will clean the hardwood without damaging it is a difficult task.

But luckily for you, we took it on! We went through the most popular quality products on the market to produce a list of our top three recommendations, so that you can easily find the best option for your home.

The best steam mops for hardwood floors provide a consistent and gentle release of steam that cleans without leaving scratches or water damage on the surface.

Our favorite mops are affordable and durable options that do exactly that! As they vary in price range and features, we also included a handy buying guide to help you decide which option is the best choice for your home.

1. Best for Most People: O-Cedar Microfiber Steam Mop

This mop is an affordable and efficient choice for hardwood floors!

The O-Cedar Microfiber Steam Mop is our top choice for most people, as the gentle microfiber pads and soft steam release will allow you to thoroughly clean hardwood floors without damaging them.

Additionally, as it doesn’t require cleaning chemicals, this option is safe for both the wooden floors and your household. You’ll love how user-friendly and efficient the O-Cedar is!


The O-Cedar is an ideal choice for hardwood floors. The mop head releases stream gently and consistently rather than in bursts, so that it cleans thoroughly without leaving water behind, which could cause damage to wooden floors.

The dirt pads feature cushioned microfiber, which will polish your hardwood floors as you clean.

This model offers excellent performance and versatility. It heats up 20 seconds after being plugged in, which is one of the fastest heat-up speeds on the market.

The steam kills up to 99% of germs and bacteria on the floor without the use of chemicals, which makes it a great choice for homes with small children and pets.

Plus, the steam level is adjustable, so you can turn it down for hardwood, or crank it up if you want to use if for cleaning tile floors.

You can also use this mop to refresh your carpets, thanks to the included attachable snap-on glider.

The mop head releases stream gently and consistently rather than in bursts, making it gentle enough for hardwood floors.

The O-Cedar is quite easy to use. This lightweight model is only 5 pounds, which makes transportation and maneuvering the mop while cleaning super easy.

You’ll be happy to know that your back won’t hurt from lugging the mop around for that spring cleaning!

This model is also quite ergonomic. It comes with a long power cord, so that you won’t have to keep stopping to find the nearest power outlet.

At the same time, the long cord will allow you to clean multiple rooms at once. Lastly, the ergonomic triangular shape of the mop head makes cleaning corners and hard-to-reach places super easy!

This option is also easy to maintain. Filling up the water tank is easy by using a measuring cup that is included with the purchase.

The microfiber pads which are also included with this product are easy to attach and remove, and they are machine-washable, so getting them clean will be hassle-free.

The O-Cedar also features an ergonomic design that makes clean-up simple. The triangular head will allow you to clean corners and hard-to-reach edges with ease.

Plus, the purchase includes a snap-on glider that you can use to refresh carpets.


Due to the unconventional design of the mop head, you won’t be able to get suitable replacement pads from any manufacturer other than O-Cedar.

Another issue with the pads is that although they are easy to wash, the stains don’t really come off, so this is an aesthetic rather than a hygienic concern.

Another downside of this model is that it’s hard to tell when the tank is empty, as there’s no warning light or signal.

Always check if the tank has sufficient water, as running the mop on an empty tank can damage the engine.

2. Most Versatile: Bissell PowerFresh Steam Mop

The PowerFresh is great for hardwood as well as tile floors!

The Bissell PowerFresh Steam Mop comes with many versatile features that make it suitable not only for hardwood floors, but also for tile.

The adjustable steam level and intelligently designed pads will allow you to clean without damaging the hardwood floors, the furniture, or the walls.

The extra accessories that come with this model will add value for your money!


The PowerFresh features versatile functions, which make it efficient and easy-to-use.

You can adjust between three levels of steam control, from light, for the gentle cleaning of hardwood floors, to intense, for blasts of steam that will get rid of hardened gunk and grime.

As is the case with the other steam mops, the PowerFresh gets rid of up to 99% of germs and bacteria, without the need for cleaning chemicals.

Filling up the tank is super easy, as it’s removable, and the water will last you anywhere between 15-20 minutes of cleaning.

The long, 23-foot power cord will allow you to clean large spaces and multiple rooms at once!

This purchase also comes with additional useful gadgets.* There is an included flip-down easy-scrubber brush for a thorough cleaning of hardened stains or grout.

Another great extra are the fragrance disks, which you can insert under the mop head to eliminate bad odor and freshen up the smell of the room and the floors.

The discs make the PowerFresh a great choice for homes with pets!

The versatile features of the PowerFresh make it efficient and easy-to-use!

The mop comes with two intelligently designed dirt pads for multiple purposes. They are both machine-washable, which makes maintenance easy.

The pads are made of soft microfiber, which won’t damage your floors, and they are microbial and odor-resistant, so that they won’t begin to smell or team with germs over time.

One of them is a soft pad for hardwood floors and regular cleaning, and the other one is a soft pad that features scrubbing strips for harder-to-clean, sticky messes.

The dirt pads are also easy to mount and a safe choice for your furniture. You can easily attach them by stretching them over the mop head.

As they enclose the entire mop head, they provide padding between the steam mop and your furniture and walls, so that you won’t have to worry about damaging either when cleaning corners or around the furniture legs.

Like the O-Cedar, the PowerFresh also comes with a 1-year warranty.


The steam release on the PowerFresh can be inconsistent with any of the settings. While sometimes it produces a gentle mist, other times it may release gusts of steam, which can leave more water behind, and take longer to dry.

Another downside of this steam mop is that the cap on the water tank is a bit flimsy. It can crack or break, and start leaking steam, which makes using the mop impossible.

3. Best On A Budget: Shark Steam Mop Hard Floor Cleaner

A cheap option which is quite well-suited for hardwood floors.

The Shark Steam Mop Hard Floor Cleaner is our most affordable recommendation which does a great job at sanitizing hardwood floors without the need for cleaning chemicals. The lightweight, ergonomic design makes this mop easy to use and store.


For the money, the Shark steam mop offers great performance. The water heats up within 30 seconds, and the gentle steam will remove any grease or grime without damaging your hardwood floors and without using any chemicals.

Additionally, this steam mop operates quietly, so that it won’t give you or your family a headache.

The Shark steam mop is lightweight and easy to use!

This model is also really easy to use. The large water tank is removable, making it easy to fill up and mount.

It’s the lightest option on our list, weighing below 5 pounds, so you can glide the mop across the floors without any physical strain.

Plus, the compact design makes it easy to reach into tight, otherwise hard-to-reach spaces. The compact design paired with the upright lock will allow you to store this mop in a cramped closet.

Despite the low price, this mop comes with added value – two dirt pads and a 1-year limited warranty.


Although the design on the Shark steam mop is compact, the mop head is a bit stiff and difficult to maneuver, especially in corners.

Another possible drawback of this model is that the 18-foot cord is a bit short for larger spaces, or cleaning multiple rooms in one go.

Lastly, the Shark customer service can be somewhat unresponsive at times.

How To Choose The Best Steam Mop For Hardwood Floors

If you are still unsure which steam mop is the best choice for your home, don’t worry! Just read on to learn which factors you should keep in mind when deciding on your ideal purchase (1).


There are affordable recommendations for every budget!

All of our recommendations are affordable, but they do vary in price. Luckily, price doesn’t dictate quality! Our top choice, the O-Cedar, is in the middle of the price range.

Our most budget-friendly option, the Shark steam mop. The Bissell PowerFresh is pricier. However, keep in mind that with the PowerFresh, you get some useful additional accessories.


Look for products with at least a 1-year warranty.

Most of our products offer a 1-year warranty, which is enough time to ensure that the steam mop is working properly.

The better quality options are quite likely to serve you for years past their warranty.


Our top overall recommendation is the O-Cedar Microfiber Steam Mop, as the soft microfiber pads and the gentle, consistent release of steam make it the best choice for hardwood floors.

This option offers a lot of value for your money, as it’s affordable, user-friendly, and efficient at the same time.

If you prefer something with more versatility for cleaning more stubborn stains and messier tile floors in addition to hardwood, the Bissell PowerFresh Steam Mop is a great choice.

The added scratch brush and the second dirt pad which features scrub strips will allow you to thoroughly clean the grout without damaging it or the floors.

The scented disks make the PowerFresh a great choice for homes with pets.

Yet, the PowerFresh is a bit pricey. If you’re looking for a cheap yet efficient way to steam-clean your hardwood floors, go for the Shark Steam Mop Hard Floor Cleaner.

This mop is the lightest and most compact option on our list, so we recommend it for smaller homes and cramped spaces.

What’s Next?

Hopefully, our buying guide gave you a good idea of how to choose the best steam mop for your home’s hardwood floors. For more information about our top recommendations, follow the title links to learn their price, in-depth specifications, and customer reviews.

You can also check out our reviews of the best steam mops for any sort of hard floor, or check out our homepage to find the best cleaning tools available on the market!

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