The Best Steam Mops For Tile Floors: Reviews Of Our Favorites For 2021

Steam mops are the perfect way to deep-clean your tile floors without using any cleaning chemicals (1), which makes them a perfect choice for homes with children and pets.

Yet, with so many products on the market, it’s hard to find the perfect steam mop for tile floors, which can easily and efficiently help you remove the stubborn grime from every corner, crack, and crevice.

To help you find the best steam mop for your tile floors, we thoroughly researched the market to come up with the three best options out there!

Whether you’re looking for a multi-featured steam mop, something to get rid of pet hair, or a budget-friendly option, you’ve come to the right place!

Our top picks are sure to cater to your unique needs. Make sure to read over our buying guide at the end of this article, to get some essential advice on how to choose the best steam mop.

Top Steam Mops For Tile Floor

1. Best Overall: Bissell Crosswave Pet Pro All in One Steam Mop for Tile Floors

The optimal 2-in-1 cleaning solution that combines a steam mop with a vacuum cleaner!

Our favorite steam mop for tile floors is the Bissell Crosswave Pet Pro All in One Steam Mop, as it’s the optimal 2-in-1 cleaning solution that combines a steam mop with a vacuum cleaner.

The Crosswave’s excellent performance will allow you to clean both the grout and the tiles with ease. This model is designed with pet owners in mind, so if you have pets, you’ll love this option!


The Crosswave provides excellent cleaning performance as it washes and vacuums at the same time.

The microfiber dirt pads feature a gentle yet scratchy pattern, which cleans the grout with ease.

At the same time, the high-temperature of the steam will allow you to soften and clean the most stubborn, dried messes (from dried food to messes left behind by your pet).

Meanwhile, the vacuum collects all the dry dirt particles and debris, which pass through the multi-surface brush roll above the pad and gather hair so that the dirty water tank doesn’t get clogged.

Plus, the Crosswave won’t leave any streaks on your tile floor after you’re done cleaning!

You can mop and vacuum at the same time!

The Crosswave is quite versatile. In addition to tile, you can use the Crosswave on a variety of different surfaces such as sealed wood floors, laminate, linoleum, rubber floor mats, pressed-wood floors, area rugs, and carpets.

This model is easy to use. It has a 25-foot power cord, which will allow you to work on large rooms and multiple rooms at once without stopping.

The body of this steam mop/vacuum cleaner features a two-tank design: one tank for clean water-formula mix, and one tank for dirty water and debris, which makes it efficient and easy to clean up.

This option is also a great choice for pet owners. As we’ve already mentioned, the brush roll collects pet hair, and the featured strainer keeps it separate from the dirt tank to prevent clogging.

Its tangle-free design will prevent the brush roll from getting stuck, and it’s been tested and proven to work for hair up to 8 inches in length.

The Crosswave comes with fragrance disks, which eliminate odor and leave a fresh scent, so that you won’t have to smell that residue of… well, cat pee.

Lastly, up to $10 of each purchase goes to the Bissell pet foundation, so when you buy this product, you also help house pets!

The Bissell is a durable choice, and it’s backed by a 5-year warranty, one of the best warranties on the market.


This model is our priciest recommendation, so if you’re looking for something more budget-friendly, this isn’t a good choice for you.

Since the dirty water tank collects both dirty water and debris, some customers have found cleaning it a bit icky. Make sure to clean the tank well after every use!

Another issue with this model is that the scrubbing brush may begin to hold water over time. This is also why it’s important to clean the scrubbing brush after each use, so as to expand its shelf life.

Lastly, if you are dealing with excessive amounts of pet hair, some of it may get stuck in the inlet.

2. Most Versatile: Bissell PowerFresh Lift-Off Pet Steamer

The PowerFresh comes with a lot of additional tools, which will allow you to clean a variety of surfaces!

The Bissell PowerFresh Lift-Off Pet Steamer is our most versatile steam mop recommendation, as in addition to tile floors, it can effectively clean almost any kind of surface in your home.

The PowerFresh is also a great option for homes with toddlers or pets, as the hot steam removes up to 99% of germs without requiring the use of harsh cleaning chemicals!


The PowerFresh offers great value for your money. While it’s one of our more affordable options, in addition to the steam mop, this purchase also comes with a 13-piece attachment set which makes the steam mop suitable for different surfaces and varying cleaning needs.

You also get a tool bag, so you can keep all the accessories in one place!

To begin with, there are two different dirt pads included with the purchase: one which is a scrubby microfiber pad, perfect for tile floors and getting rid of grout and dried dirt, and another one which is a softer microfiber pad, perfect for cleaning hardwood without damaging it.

You can even clean windows with this steam mop, as another added tool is a window squeegee.

There is also a grout tool and a scrubber brush (for stubborn stains and grime), a fabric steamer, an attachable water cup, as well as Febreze fragrance disks, which eliminate bad odors, and make this Bissell model, like the last one, a great choice for pet owners!

The adjustable gear makes it great for different kinds of floors!

This efficient steam mop packs powerful performance. The water heats up in 30 seconds, so you won’t waste your time waiting around after you plug the machine in.

Plus, the steam is adjustable, so that you can choose a lower setting for hardwood and a higher setting for tile floors.

As the heat itself is enough to kill up to 99% of germs on the floor, you won’t need to use any cleaning detergents.

This makes the PowerFresh a great option for homes with pets or toddlers, as they won’t be exposed to harmful chemicals.

The PowerFresh is also easy to use. It has a long, 25-foot cord, which will allow you to clean larger spaces without stopping.

The dirt pads are machine-washable, so you won’t have to worry about getting calluses on your hands from washing them.

The Powerfresh comes with a 2-year warranty, one of the best warranties in its price range.


Some customers have experienced some tools to be missing upon the arrival of this product. Make sure to check that they’re all there as soon as it arrives – otherwise, immediately contact the manufacturer.

Another downside of the PowerFresh is that at the highest steam speed, this mop can leave a puddle on the floor. While this is not a big issue for tile floors, it may be a problem for hardwood.

3. Best On A Budget: Shark Genius Hard Floor System Pocket Steam Mop

The Shark Genius offers high performance at a low price!

The Shark Genius is our top budget-friendly recommendation as its user-friendly and efficient design come at an affordable cost.

This mop is also a hygienic choice – the touch-free technology will allow you to dump the dirt pads in the washer without handling them.


The Shark Genius comes with efficient dirt pads, which are called mop pockets as they wrap around the mop head.

Although the microfiber material on the mop pockets allows for gentle clean-up, they also feature lots of small strands that will reach into any crack and crevice and get rid of dried dirt and grime. This will allow you to use the Shark Genius on both tile floors and hardwood!

The mop pockets are also easy to use and hygienic. They are two-sided, so once one side gets dirty, you can just flip it over to the other side.

This will save you time as you clean your entire home. Plus, with the press of a button, you can throw the pads in the washing machine or the hamper, without having to handle any dirt.

The design of the mop pockets also makes the Shark Genius a safe choice for the walls and furniture in your home.

As the pockets wrap around the entire mop head, you won’t have to worry about damaging the corners, walls, or furniture legs as you reach the mop towards the edges of the floor.

The Shark Genius will not damage your walls or furniture legs.

This steam mop also offers powerful performance. As with the other models, the steam can kill up to 99% of germs on the floors without the need for cleaning chemicals.

The three steam settings will allow you to adjust the steam from gentle to intense. The direct steam channeling on the mop head distributes the steam evenly and creates a wide cleaning zone.

The Shark Genius is also easy to use. It’s the lightest model on our list, weighing a bit under 6 pounds, which means that you won’t feel tired or strained after cleaning.

It also features a 22-foot power cord, so that you can easily maneuver the mop as you go.

Lastly, this mop is quite durable. It has a 5-year warranty, which is the best available warranty in its price range.


To provide an even release of steam, the Shark Genius does use a lot of water at the highest speed setting. This means that you may have to stop several times to refill the tank while you clean.

A related downside is that the tank is non-detachable, and while technically you could use the refill flask, the instruction manual states that before refilling the tank, you must first empty it.

So every time you need to refill, you’d have to stop cleaning, take the mop to the bathroom, and turn it upside down over a sink before continuing.

How to Choose the Best Steam Mop for Tile Floors

If you’re still unsure about which steam mop is the best choice for you, don’t worry! We prepared a guide that goes over the factors you should consider before making a purchase.

What’s Your Budget?

While all of our recommendations offer high-quality, excellent performance and durability, their prices do differ.

How much are you willing or able to spend on your new steam mop? While all of our recommendations offer high-quality, excellent performance and durability, their prices do differ.

Find A Good Warranty

Steam mops generally have warranties between 1-5 years.

While these options are mostly affordable and offer good value for your money, you want to make sure that your new purchase is backed by a good warranty.

Steam mops generally have warranties between 1-5 years. Try to choose a product that has at least a 2-year warranty and up.


Our overall top recommendation is the Bissell Crosswave Pet Pro All in One Steam Mop.

This option combines a vacuum and a steam mop which maximizes its utility and adds value for the price.

The Crosswave is also a great choice for pet owners, as it’s designed to eliminate pet hair without malfunctioning or clogging up. Although it has a great warranty, it’s no friend to the wallet.

The most budget-friendly option is the Shark Genius Hard Floor System Pocket Steam Mop.

The Shark Genius offers excellent performance and is very user-friendly – as it’s lightweight and compact, which makes it easy to use and store.

Plus, the mop pockets make the Shark Genius a safe choice for your furniture and walls. Don’t be fooled by the low price tag – the Shark Genius is a durable choice, and the 5-year warranty is not something you can easily find in its price range.

The Bissell PowerFresh Lift-Off Pet Steamer is almost as affordable, and at the same time offers great versatility.

This option comes with a lot of additional tools that will allow you to use it on any sort of surface – including tile floors, hardwood, carpets, and even windows! This is also a great option for pet owners, as the featured fragrance disks will eliminate bad odors.

What’s Next?

We hope that you enjoyed reading our reviews of the top steam mops for tile floors, and that our guide was useful in your search for the best option for your home. To get more information about our recommended products, follow the title links to learn their price, in-depth specifications, and customer reviews.

While we have you, you can also check out our reviews of all the best steam mops on the market.

And in the meantime, happy cleaning!

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