The Best Steam Cleaners For 2021: Reviews Of Our Favorite All-Purpose Systems

Whether you’ve got children or pets, are sensitive to chemicals, or are trying to go the eco-friendly route, steam cleaners are the ideal chemical-free way to clean and sanitize your home.

Choosing the best steam cleaner is quite an important task – but difficult, with so many options on the market.

As we’re happy to make your life easier, we went through countless steam cleaners to select and review the best models out there.

Our recommendations are powerful, as they can eliminate germs, grease, and grime with the power of steam alone.

They are versatile, as you can use to clean every bit of your home – as well as your car, boat, or motorcycle. And they are durable, each offering a warranty that is bound to make you happy.

Don’t skip our buying guide at the end of the article, as it can really help you make a decision you’ll be happy with!

Top Steam Cleaners For 2021

1. Pure Enrichment PureClean XL Rolling Steam Cleaner: Best for Most People

If you need a cleaning solution for multiple surfaces in your home, you’ll love the PureClean’s versatility!

The Pure Enrichment PureClean XL Rolling Steam Cleaner is our top pick for most people as it comes with an 18-piece accessory set which allows for versatile use in the home as well as for outdoor cleaning.

This steam cleaner is also quite easy to use and comes with an excellent warranty. If you need a cleaning solution for multiple surfaces in your home, you’ll love the PureClean’s versatility!


The 18-piece heavy-duty set includes handy accessories that will allow you to use the PureClean XL on multiple surfaces for various purposes!

To begin with, the mop head can be used for steam cleaning all hard floor types – including granite, waterproof hardwood, laminate tiles, ceramic tiles, as well as carpets and washable wallpapers.

The triangular design of the mop head will allow you to clean room corners and around furniture legs with ease.

The XL is a powerful option with a decent running time.

The window squeegee attachment, along with the extension wands, are excellent for a streak-free window cleaning session.

Additionally, the steam jet nozzle makes the XL a great choice for the targeted cleaning of dried food, dirt, grease, and grime from kitchen appliances, such as ovens and grills, as well as grout from the tiles in your bathroom.

Plus, the utility brush attachments ensure that all stubborn stains will be scrubbed off. You’re bound to love how much you can get done with the PureClean XL!

The XL is a powerful option with a decent running time. The hot steam can eliminate bed bugs, mold, germs, grease, grime, and stains without the use of cleaning chemicals.

The 1.5-liter water tank produces up to 45 minutes of continuous steam release, so that you can clean without interruptions.

You’ll love how easy to use and store this model is. The 16-foot power cord makes maneuvering the steam cleaner simple.

The built-in cord wrap on the back of the XL, which keeps the cord neatly tucked away after use, along with the XL’s compact size, will allow you to stow it away without creating clutter.

This option is quite durable. It’s backed by a 5-year warranty, one of the best on the market, and certainly the best on this list.

Last but not least, PureClean offers excellent customer service!


One drawback of the XL is that it doesn’t have a water level indicator, so that you won’t know when you need to refill the tank – the cleaner will simply stop releasing steam.

Additionally, some of the extra brushes that come with the XL aren’t as durable as the cleaner itself, as their bristles can’t stand the high-temperature steam and begin to fall apart after several uses.

Lastly, the handle may get a bit warm during operation, which won’t burn you but may make you a bit uncomfortable.

2. McCulloch MC1275 Heavy-Duty Cleaner: Best Value-for-Money

A user-friendly and powerful steam cleaner that will allow you to sanitize your home without the use of cleaning chemicals!

The McCulloch MC1275 Heavy-Duty Cleaner offers the best value for your money, as it’s a user-friendly and powerful steam cleaner that will allow you to sanitize your home without the use of cleaning chemicals!

Plus, the purchase includes extra accessories for various cleaning jobs. If you’re looking for a steam cleaner that you can use for detailing your car, motorcycle, or boat in addition to cleaning your home, the McCulloch is the way to go!


The McCulloch can easily double as a cleaner for the vehicles in your garage, thanks to its light, portable, and compact design.

It weighs only 3 lbs, and the carrying handle makes it easy to transport and maneuver. The 15.7-foot power cord will make it even simpler for you to move around as you clean!

Plus, the adjustable mop head is great for cleaning under your car seats or for reaching any difficult places in your home.

The compact design, measuring 8” x 5.2” x 10.7”, allow the McCulloch to fit into the boot of your car, or in any cramped closet in your home.

This option is our best value-for-money pick as it’s quite user-friendly.To begin with, the level of steam is adjustable, so that you can fine-tune the settings for the requirements of different cleaning jobs.

A handy“steam-ready” light will let you know when you can start cleaning, which usually takes less than 8 minutes! Considering the spacious water tank, that’s making great time.

The McCulloch offers even more value for your money thanks to its powerful performance.

Similarly to the PureClean XL, the McCulloch offers a 48-ounce (1.4-liter) water tank, which produces consistent steam release for up to 45 minutes, more than enough time for any targeted cleaning job.

The high-temperature can get rid of grease, grime, germs, mold, and bed bugs without any harsh chemicals.

This option is our best value-for-money pick as it offers a user-friendly and powerful performance.

The McCulloch is also quite versatile thanks to the 18 accessories that are included with the purchase.

You get a floor mop and microfiber mop pads for cleaning hard floors, a squeegee for windows, extension wands for those hard-to-reach places, a triangle brush for stubborn grime in corners, as well as a number of additional brushes for the thorough elimination of stains!

In the world of cleaning supplies, we guess that this probably categorizes as quite exciting.

This option is also quite durable. The steam cleaner is backed by a 2-year limited warranty, enough time to make sure that everything works well.


One customer complaint is that some of the parts of this steam cleaner are made of cheap plastic, which may need replacing over time.

Another drawback of the McCulloch is that it runs a bit loud.

3. Homegear X100 Portable Professional Multi Purpose Steam Cleaner: Best On A Budget

For less than $70, you get a portable cleaner with decent performance.

The Homegear X100 Portable Multi-Purpose Steam Cleaner is our favorite budget-friendly option.

You get a portable cleaner with decent performance. If you’re looking for something affordable for targeted cleaning, the Homegear is a God-send.


The Homegear is a great portable option. Although it’s heavier than the McCulloch, weighing about 10 lbs, it’s still easy to transport, thanks to the ergonomic handle. This portable steam cleaner is also easy to store, as it has a 19.7 x 12.5 x 12.5-inch compact design!

Even though it’s quite cheap, the Homegear offers a lot of versatility. There’s a 14-piece accessory set that comes with the purchase, including a measuring jug, cotton and microfiber pads, a jet nozzle attachment, a big and a small nylon brush, several window attachments, a floor nozzle, cleaning cloths, extension tubes, and a steam hose and gun.

Most of the accessories, such as the steam gun, jet nozzle, and the 59-inch steam hose, make the Homegear a great choice for targeted cleaning.

Even though it’s quite cheap, the Homegear offers a lot of versatility.

The Homegear also offers decent performance. The tank’s capacity is 38 ounces (1.2 liters), which provide continuous steam for up to 37 minutes.

The water’s temperature (which takes about 7-8 minutes to heat up, just like the pricier options) can reach up to 284° F (140° C), which is pretty powerful for the price.

At the same time, the Homegear features overheat-protection, which ensures that this unit won’t overheat and break down.

For its price point, this option offers a good warranty of 1 year.


You’ll need some patience when dealing with this unit. Although the promised heat-up time is 7 minutes, this unit takes longer to produce steam.

If you’re using one of the longer attachments, such as the extension wands, this process, too, will last longer.

While the overheat-protection function is pretty cool, this unit does need a lot of time to cool down.

You can use the Homegear for about 30 minutes of continuous steam, after which you’ll need to allow it to cool down before refilling.

This is another reason why it’s a good choice for targeted cleaning – jobs which require less time – as otherwise, cleaning may turn into a frustrating waiting game.

How to Choose the Best Steam Cleaner

To make a well-informed decision about which option is the best choice for your home, read over our guidelines for choosing the right steam cleaner for your needs.

Consider Your Budget

In the case of steam cleaners, you do get what you pay for. The better quality options, the McCulloch and the PureClean XL, both cost about the same and offer good warranties and powerful performances.

Still, if you are on a tighter budget and either a. have patience or b. need the steam cleaner for occasional smaller jobs, you’ll be happy to know that you can get the Homegear for only half the price.

Find a Good Warranty

You want to choose a product that offers at least a 1-year warranty, which would give you enough time to ensure that everything is working properly.

More expensive models come with better warranties – although in the case of the PureClean and the McCulloch, which are priced the same, the PureClean’s warranty is 5 years as opposed to the McCulloch’s 2.

Keep Utility in Mind

Think over whether you need a steam cleaner for the thorough, chemical-free cleaning of your entire home (1), for both your home and your car, or just for the occasional targeted cleaning of stains, grease, or grime.

The PureClean is great for cleaning every bit of your home, the McCulloch is ideal for both your home and your car, and the Homegear is best suited for targeted cleaning.


The best overall steam cleaner for your home is the PureClean XL Rolling Steam Cleaner thanks to its power, versatility, and durability. This cleaner can be used inside and outside the home, for targeted cleaning and for thorough floor and window cleaning, for your bathroom and your kitchen!

It really is a great cleaning solution for all the requirements of your home. Plus, the PureClean has the best warranty on the market, a warranty of 5 years!

The McCulloch MC1275 Heavy-Duty Cleaner is our runner-up, or best value-for-money choice, as it also offers a powerful and versatile performance – but it does have a shorter warranty (2 years).

However, the lightweight, ergonomic design of this model makes it an excellent choice for those of you who want something that can double as a car steam cleaner, or for the detailing of any other vehicle or space outside the home. You won’t find something that’s as light and as powerful at the same time on the market.

If you’re on a tighter budget, the Homegear is a good choice. It’s about half the price of our other options, but still brings power and multi-purpose application to the table.

This portable steam cleaner is best for targeted cleaning jobs due to its accessories and the fact that it takes a while to cool down before jobs.

What’s Next?

Hopefully, you found our buying guide for the ideal steam cleaner that your lovely home deserves useful. Now you’re at least a step closer to a sparkling-clean, sanitized home! To get more information about each of our recommendations, follow the title links to learn their price, in-depth specifications, and customer reviews.

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