The 16 Best Vacuum Cleaners for Cars Reviews 2021

Your car’s dashboard, seat and upholsteries like carpet can be a major cause for worry, especially if they are dirty. Soon enough, you will start sneezing after inhaling allergens and even fall sick because of dust trapped in these areas. However, with the best vacuum cleaner for car, you are not only assured of eco-friendly driving experience but also good health at all times.

Top Car Vacuum Cleaners

Therefore, we sampled the best vacuums for car cleaning to make your selection easy, so take a look further for details.

HOTOR Corded Auto Car Vacuum Cleaner High Power, 12V, Portable

Weighing only 2.4 pounds, HOTOR auto vacuum for car features a smooth exterior and comes with a 16.4-feet cord for an extendable cleaning experience. Its innovatively designed dust cup makes dumping of trash seamless for uninterrupted cleaning. It fitted with a washable HEPA filter, supported by a free lifetime replacement.

HOTOR Auto Corded Vac is a high-powered car cleaning gadget running on 12-volt power delivering a relatively high suction pressure of 106W. It comes with three nozzles and a carry bag. Moreover, accessorized with an LED light, vacuuming darker sections with this portable gadget is breezy.

ThisWorx for TCW-01 Car Vacuum

ThisWorx for TCW-01 is an affordable car vacuum weighing only 2.3 pounds. It delivers a strong suction experience at 106w when connected to 12V. An extendable 16-feet cord, a long elastic hose, 3-nozzle set plus a cleaning brush gives you unmatched vacuuming experience.

Moreover, it comes with a transparent trash cleaner and the ergonomic design is all you need for comfort and convenience. ThisWorx features a HEPA filter and comes with a storage bag plus user manual.

Baronage Corded Portable Auto Car Vacuum Cleaner with LED Light DC, 12V

Baronage’s car vacuum is accessorized with an LED light and delivers 4000Pa, 100W suction on stubborn dirt, including gravel, pet hair and other debris.  It is fitted with a washable stainless HEPA filter, which means, you are assured of longevity, alongside a 1-year product warranty, friendly customer support, and a 30-day money back guarantee.

Designed for wet and dry cleaning, and built to save time, its 16.4-feet long power cord presents an extendable vacuuming experience. It is lightweight at only 2.43 pounds for portability.

Vacplus Portable Car Vacuum Cleaner, High Power-12V with 16.4 ft Cable

Suitable for car interior, Vacplus is a portable device running on 12 volts. It comes fitted with a 16.4-feet power cord for extendable cleaning, not to mention its washable filters and durable build.

When you buy Vacplus, you get a brush, stainless HEPA filter, a carrying bag, a crevice nozzle and an extendable tube in the package. Suction power is impressive, and at only 2.55 pounds, it is a highly portable car vacuum.

Sundopt Auto Portable Car Vacuum Cleaner High Power- 12V, String Suction-4500PA, 106W, 16.4 ft with carry Bag

Sundopt Auto Portable car vacuum is lightweight, weighing a paltry 2.35 pounds. Apart from being very affordable, it is suitable for wet and dry use. It is fitted with a 16.4-feet long power cord for wide-reach cleaning, a water pipe, 2 flat nozzles for dust and water absorption and a static brush suitable for different uses.

It is a relatively powerful vacuum delivering 106W when connected to a 12V power source, and with a noise rating less than 75 decibels, you are assured of quite operation when you put money on Sundopt’s string-suction vacuum. It is the ultimate car owner’s tool kit for all types of interior cleaning.

Gugusure GSR Corded Vacuum Cleaner for Car interior, High Power 12-V, 120w, 4000PA with 14.7ft cable

Gugusure GSR is suitable for wet and dry vacuuming, thanks to its supreme features, ergonomic design and 120W strong suction power when connected to 12 volts. It comes with one of the longest power cables measuring 14.7-feet for an extendable cleaning.

Weighing only 1.87 pounds, you get more portability with Gugusure. Moreover, its 360-degree Cyclonic filtration system means no dust remains behind, a feature that is further supported by a high-speed scrolling mat.

Made for large area cleaning, it is a low noise gadget that gives buyers a 100 percent satisfaction.  For longevity, car owners who use Gugusure are advised to take  break after every 30-minute of vacuuming, not to mention a reliable customer support guaranteeing response within 24 hours in case of hitches.

LOVIN Portable Auto Vacuum Cleaner, 120W Strong suction, 12V high Power with 15ft cord, Carry bag and 2 filters

We also tested LOVIN’s portable auto vacuum for car and it fits the bill for an ideal car cleaning accessory. It delivers a strong suction rated at 120W, 4300Pa-4500Pa when connected to a 12V power input. We also love the fact that LOVIN comes with 2 extra filters for replacement and a carrying bag for easy storage.

Its 15-feet power cord is one the longest when compared to the above products, and we also love its low-noise rating for quite operation below 75 decibels. Tested for efficiency, and certified by ROHS and CE, this superior brand is all you need to rid your car of cigarette ash, crumbs, sand, dirt and other unwelcomed debris.

It comes with a zippered carrying bag featuring for easy storage and access. Weighing only 2.2 pound, you can go with anywhere. You should also be able to note its unique and attractive design housing HEPA filtration system that further enhancing LOVIN’s efficiency.

EletecPro Mini Auto Corded Vacuum Cleaner for car only, 12V high power, Strong Suction 4000PA, 90W

EletecPro is another market leader in manufacturing the best vacuums. Its 4000Pa, 90W is not only a mid-range powered suction gadget but also durable and washable. It features 360 degree cyclonic whirlwind filtration system giving you unmatched efficiency when cleaning your SUV’s interior. You can also use it to dust of your minivan or track, thanks a strong suction powered by 12-voltage input.

Moreover, EletecPro features 3-nozzle set, each for different use such as suction up dust in accessible parts of your car’s interior, under the seat and for upholstery. While it weighs 2.9 pounds, which is a little more than most of the products we sampled for this review, this gadget features special fittings such as a built-in dual motor system.

Buyers enjoy access to unfettered customer support and an option of money-back guarantee lets your return any defective vacuums from EletecPro. It also comes with a bag for easy storage and is a popular car vacuum that costs only a few bucks.

Deenkee F_Car Vacuum Cleaner BO7FJQN26C

Denkee’s F car vacuum cleaner has a long cord making it possible to clean everywhere. Its small brush attachments are the ideal choice for those who love dust-free dashboards and the fact that it fits perfectly between your car’s console and the front seat not only makes it a convenient accessory for clean interior, but also an instant necessity whenever you want to suck up crumbs, sand and dirt.

At only 2.4 pounds, Deenkee F-car B07FJQN26C is a portable lightweight vacuuming companion. It features a washable stainless HEPA filter and easy-to-use at no extra maintenance cost, thanks to a 1-year product warranty plus a 30-day unconditional money back. It comes with a carry bag, a brush, user manual and an extension hose.

FoxNovo Car Vacuum Cleaner 12V, 120W, 4KPa, with HEPA filter and 14.8-feet Cable

FoxNovo’s is not only an ideal car upholstery cleaning accessory but also a must-have dust buster kit. It is a powerful suction gadget rated 120W-4000Pa when connected to 12V. It features a stainless steel washable filter and suitable for both wet and dry vacuuming, FoxNovo features a quick-release button for its 500ml trash container giving you a hassle-free emptying experience every time.

Its 14.8-feet long further brings convenience into your cleaning routine, and at only 2.52 pounds, this 120W motor-powered vacuum is highly portable delivering up to 4KPa suction pressure. In the package, you find a user manual, transfer mouth, a vacuum cleaner, a brush nozzle, long elastic hose and a brush nozzle.

Helteko Car Vacuum with LED Light, 12V High Power, 120W, Carry bag and 3 Accessories

Helteko car vacuum cleaner delivers strong suction, thanks to 120W motor power, and is equal to the task if you are looking for a 16-feet long-corded product that reaches every point in your car’s interior. It is not only fitted with an LED light that makes it possible to clean dark areas but also comes with a carrying bag for easy storage in your car’s trunk.

Helteko is a durable vacuum featuring a metallic turbine and a stainless steel HEPA filter. Weighing only 2.83 pounds, this gadget gives you all the convenience needed in a car cleaning kit anywhere you go.

BLACK+DECKER Cordless Vac, 16V Lithium, CHV1410L

If corded car vacuum are not your ideal choice, then go for this Li-Ion 12 volts battery-powered sleek cordless cleaner from BLACK+DECKER. It costs a little more than all the above but still worth the money, thanks to a smart charge technology saving up to 50 percent energy, an effective cyclonic filtration system and a rotating slim nozzle for rigorous cleaning.

BLACK+DECKER Cordless CHV1410L is a 2.6lb relatively good suction Vac that is able to retain power without recharge for up to 18 months. It is not only ideal for your car’s interior, but also proven effective cleaning accessory for carpets, furniture and ceramic surfaces.

SwiftJet Automotive Vacuum for Car, 12V high Power, 120w-4KPa Strong Suction with 14.5-inch, and multiple attachments

Clean all types of debris in your car using SwiftJet’s strong suction Vacuum. Running on 120W motor power to deliver 4000Pa suction, the product comes with a 14.5 extension cord. You will be amazed by its sleek and minimalist design, including its waterproof HEPA filters.

This vacuum weighs only 0.32 ounces, making it very portable. And, while it is not the most powerful in the market, it is good enough for the money.

JARVIS Auto for wet and dry Vacuum Cleaner for Car, 12V, 120W HEPA filter, Vent Brush and Microfiber Towel

This Vacuum cleaner from JARVIS comes with a microfiber towel for extra dusting, and is CE certified. Its 360 degree swivel nozzle, 12V cigarette plug, an extension hose and a carpet brush adds convenience your desire for clean car upholstery.  It is fitted with a re-usable and encased HEPA filter for longevity.

It is suitable for both dry and wet use, not to mention that at only 2.29 pounds, it is a must-have lightweight car upholstery kit. It does not have the longest extension hose (12-feet), but if you are looking for an exclusively designed Vacuum with breathtaking features such as a slide switch, and quite operation, think JARVIS 120W.

MalRom MS 2018, Auto wet and dry Vacuum for Car, 4.3KPa-High Suction, 16.7 ft Power Cord, Replaceable Fuse and Extra Filter

Enjoy unrestricted vacuuming experience with MalRom’s 16.7-feet and 2.3-pound lightweight auto vacuum cleaner. It is ideal for wet and dry use, and with a suction power of 4300Pa, an extra filter and a replaceable fuse, it is all you need for a fresh and clean car interior.

MalRom MS 2018 vacuum features a compact minimalist design and is fitted with washable HEPA filter that traps up to 99.9 percent dust. When you buy this item, it comes with an extra filter and a bonus microfiber cloth.

LB LECHEBANG Air Compressor Car Cleaner handheld Vacuum with LED Light, Tire inflator, HEPA filter

LB LECHEBANG’s Vacuum is a highly accessorized car cleaning device featuring an LED light, tire inflator, digital control meter and pressure display. It features ANSI B40 certified international gadget calibration, not to mention its high suction power of 120W when connected to a 12V input, yet it is among the very affordable vacuums in the market.

LB LECHEBANG features a compact minimalist build making a relatively portable device at only 3.2 pounds, but not the lightest. It is suitable for wet and dry use. Fitted with a 5-meter long cord, a brush and a reasonably long suction nozzle, the gadgets LED adds bliss to your cleaning experience when dusting off hard-to-reach parts in your car’s interior.


It is always our hope that at the end of this review, you have found the most ideal car vacuum cleaner for the money. As a result, we would love if you get back to us and share your experience to help others make the right decision. Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

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