Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Wool Rug Cleaning, Why Hire a Professional?

The demand for wool rug cleaning is increasing day by day because many people tend to purchase wool rugs for their homes, stores and offices.  The most important part of wool rug cleaning is that it should be done by a professional at their location.  This is because the equipment they use is specialized and can not be easily transported to your home or office and professional rug cleaning services follow measures that guarantee there will not be any damage to the floor covering during the cleaning process.  Special care needs to be taken to retain the quality and beauty of these rugs. Only a professional rug cleaner can do that for you.

A specialized rug cleaning company will have equipment that can remove the dry soil out of the rug, they will make sure the rug is colorfast, and they will have many options for actually cleaning the rugs. These options could range from low-moisture cleaning all the way up to full immersion cleaning of the floor covering.  Then they will have specialized ways to dry rugs and do a final grooming and inspection before returning the floor covering to you.

Before cleaning a wool rug, it should be examined for damage or any problem that would be pre-existing. If there is damage to your floor covering, sometimes cleaning can make it worse or at the very least more noticeable. The damaged area may need to be repaired and the cleaning company should be able to handle this for you. You must also examine the material from which the rug is made. The cleaning process of a cotton rug differs from that of a wool or silk rug. Only a professional wool rug cleaning service will have the knowledge about all the types of wool floor coverings.  The process of cleaning involves dusting, washing, rinsing, drying and cleaning of the fringe.  A professional wool rug cleaning company is better equipped to handle this type of job than a carpet cleaning company wanting to clean the floor coverings in your home would be. Make sure not to hire anyone that would want to clean the rugs in your home or office because they can not properly clean them there.

So when you need to have your floor coverings cleaned it is best to have a professional rug cleaning service do the cleaning for you at their location.  Their experience, equipment, and training of cleaning these textiles will be more efficient and have less risk than someone cleaning them in your home or you trying to do the cleaning yourself. 

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