Tuesday, August 21, 2018


Will Cleaning My Carpet Make it Get Dirty Faster

As the owner of a professional Kngwood carpet cleaning company, one thing that I hear often is that people will tell me that they are not going to have their carpet cleaned because it will cause it to get dirty faster after the cleaning. While this may have been true in the past it is rarely true today. 

Some people might remember this happening years ago when true soaps or shampoos were used.   Since today cleaners use detergents that freely rinse out with water then this is not a problem.  When the carpet cleaning industry was in its infancy there was not major chemical suppliers that put a lot of money into research and development like there is today.  So consequently cleaners would use all kinds of things to clean carpets with.  A lot of times what they used would leave a sticky residue in the carpet.  This residue would attract any soil to itself and within a very short amount of time it would cause the carpet to look dirty again. 

This same thing happens still today to a lot of people who are trying to pick up spots in their carpet themselves.  They will use a spot remover or some kind of cleaner and won't be able to rinse it thoroughly so a similiar thing will happen.  In a week or two it will look like the spot reappears.  To correct this problem you would just need to rinse the spot that reoccurs with plenty of water to rinse the dirt attracting residue out of the carpet.  

So the next time you think about hiring a carpet cleaner in your home or office you shouldn't be nervous about it resoiling quickly.  In case you still aren't convince then make sure to ask them about their guarantee, and remember a reputable company will stand behind their work.



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