Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Why is dusting good for your oriental rug?


Oriental rugs in general are an investment for many people.  Keeping that investment clean and in good shape requires some maintenance.  Since these rugs tend to trap and hold a lot of dry soil, pollen, pet dander, and other airborne contaminants it is important that you have a plan for removing the dry soil on a consistent basis.  While vacuuming is good it will not remove all the dry soil the rug has collected. So periodically you will need to send your rugs out for cleaning. 

A professional rug cleaning businesses will have machines that “dust” the rug.  “Dusting” is just a term used to describe the dry soil removal process that an oriental rug cleaner will go through before actually cleaning the rug. Some dusting tools will vibrate the back of the rug so that the soil falls out the front of the rug and some of them use compressed air to blow the dry soil out of the rug.  The compressed air method is how the term first came about.  Either way is far more efficient than vacuuming alone.   This is because a wool fiber is not perfectly cylindrical.  If you look at it under a microscope it has barbs or scales on the fiber.  Another way to describe it would be that it looks like a Christmas tree under a microscope.  So if you pull a vacuum on the rug from the top like a vacuum cleaner would then some of the soil gets trapped under these barbs or scales of the wool fiber and cannot be removed.  However if you use compressed air or vibrate the rug on the back then the dry soil will come out of the rug. 

A professional rug cleaning company has ways of removing dry soil from a rug that you or even the average carpet cleaner do not have.  They have specialty rug cleaning machines that are not easily transported to a customer’s home or business. This is why rugs need to be taken in to a specialty rug cleaning plant for cleaning.  It is also common that customers will bring their rugs in to a rug cleaning company in between cleanings to just have a rug dusted.  If the rug has no particular spots, odors or other cleaning concerns a good dusting is a great way to extend the life of the rug. 

While vacuuming is great and needed just remember when it comes to wool rugs you won’t be removing all the dry soil just by vacuuming.  Periodically you will need to have the rug professionally cleaned at a rug cleaning facility.


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