Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Why Clean Carpet is Better for Allergy Sufferers Than a Hard Surface Floor

Lack of effective carpet cleaning is probably the reason allergy sufferers are affected by carpets. This is not surprising after statistics show that only 12 out of 100 people ever clean their carpets. Also many times people may only vacuum their carpets once or twice a month which is not often enough. This is in stark contrast to the number of people who regularly clean their hard surface floors.

Without effective carpet cleaning, carpet users are exposed to various allergens such as dust, mites, mold spores and other irritants. These provoke allergic reactions such as coughing, sneezing, and skin conditions.

Effective carpet cleaning should be done weekly and should target the allergens trapped in carpets which are especially troubling for families with small children. Routine cleaning with a vacuum cleaner should be done at least twice a week to remove dust, debris, and other irritants. Conventional high quality and high efficiency cleaners are designed with filtration systems that easily trap microbes, preventing their spread in the air.

Unlike the common belief that hard surfaces are cleaner than carpeted floors, scientific data points to a different reality. Carpets are usually better at trapping dust than hard surfaces and hence provide a better environment for allergy sufferers than would hard floors, and here is the reason why.

Hard floors allow for dust to settle, but also quickly release that dust back into the air with the slightest of agitations. Carpets on the other hand, trap dust and keep it trapped. This can be seen when a hard surface is cleaned versus a carpeted surface. When the air is observed against a ray of light as would happen in the morning light, rooms with carpets are observed to have less floating dust particles compared to hard surfaces.

Carpets therefore act like a filter, trapping dust and microbes from the air for you, which you can then remove with adequate cleaning mechanisms. Vacuum systems with great filters remove these dust and microbes before they can get airborne again, eliminating the probability of them getting into contact with allergy sufferers.

As long as regular carpet cleaning is scheduled, and the right techniques and equipment used, carpets are better for use in the home or office compared to hard surfaces. Hard floors have the disadvantage of allowing dust and microbes to be captured back into the air-leading to allergic irritations.


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