Wednesday, August 22, 2018

What are the steps for sofa cleaning?

A thorough sofa cleaning is generally a good idea every year or two. Over time the accumulation of all kinds of debris, food particles, dander, and spills will need to be removed to prevent unnecessary wear and tear on the fabric. This will leave the furniture free of allergens and healthy for the occupants of the home.  It is also important to choose a company and technician that are certified in upholstery cleaning through the IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification).

The IICRC is the industry leader in writing standards and having classes for technicians to be able to become certified.  Certified technicians in the field of upholstery cleaning are best equipped to identify the correct fiber and offer the best method to take care of your fine furnishings.

The first step in sofa cleaning should be to determine the type of fabric there is to be cleaned.  Whether it is synthetic, cotton, or leather they are all cleaned a little differently and a trained technician will be able to know the subtle differences and adjust the method accordingly.  Then a thorough a vacuum should be done to the furniture before doing anything else.  Since about 70% of the soil will be dry soil it is important to get that out in a dry state.  Then the technician will apply the method and chemicals he thinks are best for the type of fabric involved.  Generally these might include steam extraction, encapsulation, or bonnet or a combination of these. 

Once the piece has been thoroughly gone over then they can apply a fabric protector to the fiber if the customer chooses that option.  A fabric protector will offer you a level of stain prevention which will help you keep that piece looking new for years. Fabric protection will wear off over time and should be reapplied after every cleaning.  There are different kinds of fabric protectors on the market but they all attempt to prevent a household food or beverage spill from permanently staining the fabric.  At this point in the process it is all done except for the drying.  The good news on this though is that upholstery does not generally take very long at all to dry.  Usually only one or two hours are needed to dry most types of upholstery after it is cleaned.

So having your furniture cleaned should not be a dreadful process once you know what to expect from the technician that arrives to do the sofa cleaning.

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