Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Water Damaged Wool Rugs

Water damaged wool rugs can occur in a home where there is Wet Wool Rugsa plumbing issue, in a storage building, if rain water rises into your home, and many other unfortunate things. Dealing with drying out your rugs doesn’t have to be difficult like drying out your home will be. Some rugs will have color bleed issues, some rugs will not be square after drying, and some rugs will curl up on the corners as they dry. So how do you navigate through all the issues and know what to do.

Oriental rugs are made to take abuse and most can get wet without a problem. Rugs should be cleaned every 2 to 3 years anyway and during this process they most likely will be wet. However, in a water damage situation it can be different especially if the water is not clean water that gets on the rug. So what do you do to ensure that your rugs are returned their pre-loss condition?

1. Make sure the source of water is no longer an issue. This could mean shutting off the water to the home to stop the leak or calling a plumber to fix the leak permanently.

2. Before moving your rug, extract as much water as possible out of the rug. At this point it is not important whether you have a wool rug or a synthetic rug removing as much water as possible is a key first step in the drying process. Since wool can hold 2 to 3 times it weight in water it is important to remove as much water as possible before trying to move the rug around. Even when dry to the touch a wool rug can hold 30% of its weight in water and still feel dry. So it is important to dry the rug longer than you think you need to.

3. Put as much air flow as possible on the rug. If you do not have air movers that can move large volumes of air quickly over a surface then at this point you should call a professional rug cleaning company. They can come pick the rug up and take it in to their shop for cleaning and they will be able to dry it quickly. A rug should be dry in 24 hours with proper air flow. If you do not have enough air flow to dry your rug that quickly call someone that can do it.

So if you ever have a fine oriental rug that has been damaged due to water then make sure to follow the above steps and when it gets too much for you to handle make sure to call a professional rug cleaning company.

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