Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Water Damage Consultant


When a water damage occurs in a home or office many times they can be easily handled with trained professionals to get the structure back to dry again and rebuilt. However, sometimes not everything goes as planned and the claim is escalated to a new level. When this happens many times lawyers are involved, special investigators and water damage consultants. If you don't have someone working for your interest then you could be left holding the bag.

Having worked in this industry since 1992 I have dried thousands of structures, from museums, historical homes, chemical plants, dog food plants, banks, film archives, gymnasiums, hotels, and residential homes. Through this I have ran across countless issues and overcome them. Then around 2005 I started receiving calls from insurance adjusters asking for advice on claims. This turned into several consulting jobs. With my expertise, experience and knowledge of the way buildings are constructed I can help navigate you through the complex process of getting claims settled fast.

Whether you are an insurance company looking for an independent third party opinion on a claim or a lawyer of a client who had water in their house and had something go wrong with the claim process, I can help. You need someone with experience in drying buildings, solving problems, and knowledge of the IICRC S-500 standard to help navigate through the process of settling the claim.

Kevin Pearson

525 N Houston Ave

Humble, TX 77338


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