Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Vacuum cleaners: Choosing between one motor or two

Vacuum cleaners: Care and maintenance

Choosing the right vacuum cleaner is important, but keeping the one you have clean and free of debris is also important for a vacuum cleaner to function properly.  One thing most people neglect to do is to take time and clean their vacuum cleaner thoroughly.  This is more than just changing the bag.  Cleaning the brush bar and making sure there are no obstructions in the suction tube are really important.  Also, if you have a bagless upright then you need to rinse the canister often because just dumping the canister will not remove all the dirt and grime.  Also, make sure that the HEPA filter is clean and wash or replace as necessary. 

Do I need one motor or two on my vacuum cleaner?  Which is better?

Now that you know how to care for the vacuum cleaner, what kind should you buy?  There are two main types of vacuum cleaners.  Ones that have one motor and ones that have two motors.  Single motor vacuum cleaners use one motor to create the suction and turn the brush or beater bar.  However, vacuum cleaners with two motors have one motor that creates the suction and a separate motor that turns the brush or beater bar. 

Both designs have good and bad points so let’s look at that.  Single motor designs generally weigh less and cost less than dual motor designs.  However, single motor designs generally don’t have as much suction, they only come in smaller widths, and they tend to clog easier with debris.   Dual motor designs can come in widths of up to 30 inches and offer more suction power and typically don’t clog as easily.  With these dual motor designs the two motors are protected from debris tearing up belts which generally results in your machine being more dependable. You can also remove more soil with each pass because of the larger width of the machine and greater suction power, which will make your job go faster.

Even with the advantages a dual motor machine offers the single motor vacuum cleaners are by far the best selling machines in the market today.  This is mainly because the single motor vacuum cleaners are far less expensive than their dual motor counterparts and they weigh a lot less too.  However if money is not an object and you need to clean large areas then dual motor machines are worth considering.


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