Wednesday, August 22, 2018


Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery cleaning is important in preserving the beauty and glory of your upholstered furniture. Protecting it through regular upholstery cleaning will help prolong not only its new look but longevity as well.  The key with upholstered furniture is choosing the right cleaning technique. Upholstery comes in various types of fabric and each stain requires different kinds of treatments.

There’s no secret that upholstered furniture is prone to spots and stains. Most are a result of food spills, dirty hands and feet, clothes rubbing against the upholstery and daily wear and tear. Your furniture can be left looking unclean and grimy, but that is not a good look at all.

Before reaching out for the brush and soap, you need to consider the type of fabric, size and location of stain, and type of stain you’re dealing with.  Your furniture will usually have a label that indentifies the cleaning code, however these are not always accurate. If it’s synthetic, more than often you can safely clean it yourself. If it’s a blend of synthetic and natural fabric then take caution and do a spot cleaning test in a conspicuous part of the furniture before treating the stain. If your furniture is more than 50 per cent cotton, then its best to leave the upholstery cleaning to a professional.

The easiest stains to clean are those treated while still fresh and the hardest of all are grease and oil. With synthetic fabric, A spot remover such as a water based cleaning solution can be used. While water based spot removers are best for organic stains, they don’t normally work well with grease and oil. Baby wipes can quite effectively do the job as they have the right amount of soap and water, and are usually gentle and not harmful to your upholstery.

Just like carpets and rugs, the most basic step of upholstery cleaning, is some routine vacuuming. Routine vacuuming eliminates the routine build-up of particles which can cause damage. If you have more delicate natured upholstery, then use a lint roller or sticky tape to attract the dirt.  This also works well to remove pet hair from upholstered furniture.

In time, your furniture may tend to look dull and become a bit lack lustrous, no matter how much vacuuming or spot cleaning at home you do.  In this case, it’s a good idea to call for the help of a professional cleaner who is equipped to immaculately clean your furniture and restore it to its previous splendor. Professional upholstery cleaning is recommended every 12 to 18 months, depending on how dirty your furniture gets. It’s best not to wait for dirt, spots and stains to accumulate too long as the longer you wait for a professional cleaning, the harder it may get to bring back its original luster.

Keep in mind, that regular upholstery cleaning not only protects your furniture by keeping it looking vibrant but most importantly, it also prolongs the durability, functionality and condition of your investments. Your furniture plays a big role in complementing the holistic look of your humble abode, and if your upholstered furniture is not up to par, it could easily ruin the fresh feeling of your beautiful home.

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