Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Tips To Help You Deal With Water Damage In Your Home



Have you ever had a busted/broken water pipe in your home? If so, then you know how long it could take to repair such the damage.  If not, you should understand that water damage can happen to the structural parts of your home – cabinets, baseboards, carpet – and to your home’s contents – couch, stove, electronics, furniture, etc. 


However, the best way to make the cleanup of water damage a little easier is to have some idea of how best to deal with the situation. And, this means you need some helpful, useful tips in water damage cleanup.


4 Tips to assist you in accurately cleaning up your home after the leak has occurred.


1 – Call In The Professionals


The moment you notice water damage in your home, you need to bring in the professionals. And, this means calling in a professional water restoration company! This company will come in, assess the damage and inform you if you should call your homeowner’s insurance company.


There are some cases where the insured might have a high deductible and the damage would be less than the deductibe.  In this case it might be better to handle it yourself, especially if the insurance company wouldn’t pay you anything anyways.  This is what a professional water restoration company can tell you.


2 – What to do til the water restoration company arrives.     


Move valuables and breakable items to a safe place.  Empty china cabinets and move the things to a place where they will be safe and where they will not have to be moved again. You can also move small items out of the room so the restoration company can get to all the walls in each room affected.  Then start removing as much of the standing water as possible off of hard surface floors.  If carpet is involved don’t try to extract the water out of the carpet, let that wait til the professionals arrive and they can extract both the carpet and pad and then dry it in place. 


3 – Dehumidifier


If you own a dehumidifier, then go ahead and set it up.  While it may not be as efficient as a professional one it will be better than nothing until the professionals arrive.  Without sufficient dehumidification, the water will evaporate into the air and cause high humidity. And, this high humidity can cause even greater damage.


4 - Using The Air Conditioner


Most homes, these days, come equipped with some type of air conditioning system. But, here’s another tip to remember when it comes to “airing out” your home of water. Don’t turn down the thermostat to extremely cold temperatures. Very cold temperatures will cause evaporation to slow to a near crawl. Rather, turn the temperature up on the thermostat so that it comes on every now and then. This allows moisture to pull out of the carpets and evaporate with the fans’ help.


If you’ve got a dehumidifier, be sure the inside of your home is between 70 degrees and 90 degrees.  Most dehumidifiers only work between those temperature ranges and the closer it is to 90 the better they will work, as a general rule.


This ensures you have plenty to do while you wait for the water damage restoration company to come in and look over the situation for you. And, by doing these things, you make their job easier.

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