Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Three Different Approaches; Which One Is Best?

Carpet cleaning is something we all have to deal with from time to time. But, how do we know which method is best for our situation.  There are many pros and cons to consider with each procedure, and each approach is different depending on the size, type and even which room it may occupy in your household or office.  

     If your carpet screams for attention and needs a thorough deep cleaning, there is no better process than a good steam cleaning. Otherwise known as hot water extraction, it is the most recommended style of carpet cleaning by most carpet manufacturers. Steam cleaning is not only known for its effectiveness, but also for physical sensitivity for the carpet. A great combination to keep in mind in order to achieve a job well-done. The high water temperatures help break down the dirt and soil allowing it to be extracted. Drying time is another consideration. When done properly steam cleaning should only take between 4 – 12 hours to dry.  That's why steam cleaning is encouraged to be completed by a trained professional. It's not worth saving a few extra bucks renting one and doing it yourself, which could ruin your carpet in the long run.

     Another option for carpet cleaning is dry cleaning. This process uses minimal, or no moisture. It also offers carpet owners the capability of getting the carpet clean without having to get it wet, which means you don't have to keep the area roped off from visitors for the day. And, an added bonus is that there's no special training required. The biodegradable cleaning powders are worked into the fibers using a "brush". The powder absorbs stains, dirt, and dust to help it get clean and fresh. Then, just plug in the vacuum, suck out the unwanted particles and, voila, you're done. But, it could be a bit expensive than other traditional cleaning techniques. The purchase of the powders, and the motorized rotary brush could be quite a setback. It's worth the extra money once you realize its efficiency and the long-lasting freshness it will produce.

     Dry Foam, aka Rotary Shampoo is another type of cleansing some may prefer. It's inexpensive, fast, and simple to apply. The foam is applied to the carpet and worked into the fibers with a special machine utilizing rotating brushes. After a short time, the foam is extracted using a vacuum. So time once again becomes another factor which could sway your decision using this method of carpet cleaning. But, soil, and grime which dwells deep beneath the surface may not be extracted as easily compared to other modes of cleaning. Dry foam cleaning could cause damage due to the aggressive and excessive brushing. And, high temperatures cannot be achieved this way, which leaves the carpet looking clean, but may leave room for pesky bacteria to grow at an alarming rate.

     Whichever carpet cleaning approach you choose which may, or may not suit your fancy, it is important to do your homework, and research which series of actions is best for you, and your carpet. Keep in mind the pros and cons, as we have seen there are many, as they will differ with each carpet, and each carpet owner. Either way, you will be one step closer to a squeaky clean carpet.

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