Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Things to do When You Have a Water Damage in your Home


There are many things you will need to do when a water damage situation happens in your home.  Many of these things are obvious such as protect your furniture and other belongings, and of course removing the water.  So this article won’t be about the nuts and bolts of drying a house, that is why you hire a water restoration company.  This article will rather be about things to do when dealing with an insurance company during the water damage situation.  These tips will help you be prepared for the adjusters arrival and make the claims process go smoother for you. 

Generally, you will have a few days from the time the water damage occurs til the time the adjuster shows up to your house.  This can vary between insurance companies because some of them have someone out to your house very quickly and some of them prefer to wait til the house is dry.  However, let’s say you have a few days to let things sink in as to the extent of the water damage in your home.  What can you do during that time that will help speed along the process? 

First make sure to take photos of the water damage as soon as possible after discovering it.  This will document the extent of the damage.  As you go through the drying process it is also a good idea to continuously take photos.  If you need to wash towels because you used them to soak up water then some of your pictures need to show a bunch of towels soaking up water.   

Then after the drying has begun, sit in each affected room with a pen and paper and start writing down questions you will have for the adjuster.  Things like whether or not the carpet will get replaced or cleaned (or any other flooring), will they paint your walls, ask what they do for any furniture damage, and any other question you might have.  This way once it is wrote down then you won’t forget to ask them about it when they are at your house.   Some items that people don’t think to ask about are things like washing and drying all the towels you used.  They might pay you for this task.  Also, the time you and any family or friends spent cleaning up and drying out after discovering the water damage, they might pay you for this.  Then also ask about the extra cost of electricity for running fans and dehumidifiers in your home for days to dry things back out.  These are all real cost you will incur and many policies provide for reimbursement of these expenses.   

These are just a few of the things that will help you to prepare for the adjusters arrival to your home.  If you are prepared, the claims process will go much smoother and you will be able to move past the water damage situation more quickly.


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