Wednesday, August 22, 2018

The scare of a lifetime

Over the 20+ years I have been in the oriental rug cleaning / water restoration / carpet cleaning business there has been many great stories of things that happen to us on a job.  However here is a story of something that happened on the way back from a job. 

I sent a technician out to do some carpet cleaning in a town about 45 minutes away.  The customer had a water leak in their home and we had dried the house and the last thing was for them to get the carpet cleaning done.  The technician cleaned the carpet like he was supposed to and even returned an oriental rug we had cleaned.  The customer was pleased and he headed back to the office.  About half way back, out of nowhere a cat jumped over his right shoulder and straight into his lap.  Obviously, he had been thinking he was alone the entire time and so this scared him to death.  Luckily, he didn’t run off the road or wreck, but he did quickly pull over to the side of the road and called in to the office to let us know what happened.  After many jokes, he called the people whose house he had just left to see if it was their cat.  The customer said that it was and that it loved riding in cars.  During the carpet cleaning process the side door of the van had been open and the cat must have jumped in at that time.  Even during the time the technician was rolling up hoses, putting things back into the van, and making a lot of noise in the process the technician never saw the cat.  

However, all is well that ends well.  The technician ended up getting the cat back to the customer and according to customer this was not the first time the cat had jumped in an open car door and gone for a ride.

We went to the house a couple of more times before the cat passed away and we always had to do a pretty intensive search of the van before leaving. None of the other carpet cleaning technicians we sent out there ever wanted to have a cat suddenly jump in their lap while driving. 


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