Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Taking Care Of Personal Belongings after a Water Damage Occurs in your Home


After a water damage has occurred in your home it can be a chaotic and hectic time.  However, many people unintentionally cause themselves or the water restoration company more work. Rather than doing the wrong thing or doing nothing at all, here are a few things you can do to help protect your personal property until the water damage restoration company arrives.


1 - Do you have draperies or curtains? If they’ve come into contact with the water, you’ll need to lift them up and place them on a coat hanger or onto the curtain rod.  This will allow them to start to dry out and prevent further damage.  


2 - If furniture or other items have gotten wet, you should leave them in the affected area until your water restoration company comes in and begins the drying process. While your home dries, the pieces will begin to dry out along with it.


3 – Any important documents, valuables, paintings, family pictures, family heirlooms and more should be kept in a dry, safe area before the company comes in to dry your home.  This way you are in control of where these items get stored temporarily and others don’t know what kind of valuables you have. 


4 – Remove breakable items from the affected areas so the water damage restoration company will have room to work.  This would include emptying china cabinets or other pieces that would be full of breakable items so that the cabinet itself can be moved. 


5 – Also moving things out of closets that would be on the floor is a big help to a water restoration company.  Closets are usually packed full of stuff and the more things that are out of the water restoration companies way, the sooner they can start drying your home and the less damage will occur and the faster you will be back to pre-loss condition. 


6 – If you are in a very humid environment like I am (Houston, TX) do not open the doors and windows.  Chances are it will be more humid outside than it is inside an air conditioned or heated home.  


7 – Also don’t store items in your garage that could be damaged by being in an unconditioned environment.  This could give you an unwanted surprise when you go to move things back into the rooms they came from.  Also, if things are wet they need to be left inside any way during the drying process.  This will allow the items to dry out.


By doing these things before the water restoration company arrives, it gives you the opportunity to be the one to move your own belongings and put them in a place where you will be able to find them later.  This also helps the water damage restoration company be able to do their job easier and faster and minimizes the risk of them damaging or breaking something that is irreplaceable to you.

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