Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Spot Dyeing Rugs or Carpet

From time to time during the carpet cleaning or rug cleaning process we run into areas that have lost their color. Sometimes this can be caused for bathroom cleaners that have bleach in them, bleach itself, or any skin cream with benzoyl peroxide. Over the years there have been numerous different types of dyes and ways to apply dyes to fix these issues. Some of these are easy to use and some of these are not. Here is a list of some ways these spot can be fixed and the pros and cons about each in my opinion. In no way will this be every method out there it will just reflect the ones that I have personally used.

Liquid Carpet Dyes

Years ago I bought a system of liquid carpet dyes. They did the job but were hard to store and transport because they leaked a lot. End result was I got rid of these quickly and I don’t know anyone that still makes anything like this.

Powder Carpet Dyes

Powder carpet dyes are nice because you can mix up the desired amount into water and slowly layer color on until you get the right amount to match the surrounding area. However, working with these dyes takes a long time to master the process. There is real skill involved in using the types of dyes. Also some of the dyes like yellow are very strong and only require very little powder to produce color in the water and some of the dyes require more powder to get the color. Also if not all the powder dissolves totally in the water and a speck of the powder strikes the carpet then it will leave a large amount of color where the speck landed. This can mess up the entire area and cause it not to match.

Pens / Markers

There are some dye pens or dye markers on the market and I have a couple of them but they are pretty unforgiving and do not have a wide array of colors or shade of colors to be useful all the time.

Color Modifying Cosmetics / Dye Sticks

By far these in this category are the easiest to use. With most of the dyes above you can only add color. With these you can actually lighten an area with white and then re-dye to the proper color. You can also use the white to lighten darkened areas in a carpet or rug that will not come out with a cleaning. These work well in most all situations, easy to use, and the initial cost is way lower than most all the other systems. The best part of these is that the learning curve on using these is not steep at all. Even someone that has never dyed anything before can learn to dye carpet and rugs with just a few simple instructions. So the next time you need some carpet cleaning or rug cleaning and you are worried about some spots that have color loss in them ask the technician if he can repair the areas for you.






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