Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Should I Repair My Rug?

With constant use, rug repair will be inevitable. Since many hand knotted rugs are often significant investments or have been in the family for generations many of them will need a full restoration. Others may just want to repair a small damaged area caused by pets, vacuum cleaner, or spills. If small areas of damage are not addressed in a timely fashion they can become larger and more costly problems to fix.

Before going forward with rug repair, it is a good idea to find out the cost. If the floor covering has sentimental value or has a lot of age to it and would cost a lot to replace than it would be beneficial to fix it instead of getting a new one. If the repair is done properly then the rug should last for decades more if it is well cared for. Since replacing a rare hand knotted floor covering can be expensive, most of the time the repair will be less expensive and bring back the original beauty of the rug in the process.

Choosing a company that specializes in rug repair is the best way to have your fine rug retain its value. A good service will do all of the repairs at their facility. Since most rugs will need to be washed thoroughly before they are repaired it is difficult if not impossible to perform any of the services in your home. Things that can be fixed by a professional are moth damage, dry rot, missing fringe, rips, and holes. Sometimes discoloration from mold, improper cleaning in the past or water damage may not be able to be corrected without reweaving of those areas.

Rug repair performed by professionals can involve many different methods. Such as reweaving large sections, cutting down a rug in size and using the scraps to “plug” a section of the main rug, fringe replacement, removing fringe and binding the end, rebinding the sides, coloring a worn rug, and many other types of repairs. This is why these repairs need to be done in a professional repair shop not in a customer’s home.

To complement rug repair, most companies will be able to perform a cleaning as well. To accomplish a repair that cannot be seen by the untrained eye it is necessary to have a clean rug before the repair starts. Matching the color of the fibers is critical in any repair and this simply can’t be done with a dirty rug. So most quality rug shops will have the knowledge and ability to clean rugs as well as repair them.

All types of floor coverings can be fixed by a professional not just fine hand knotted heirlooms. Less expensive mass produced machine made rugs can also be repaired. The question is whether or not it is worth the money to repair versus the cost of replacement. So it is always best to get a repair price up front to weigh your options of repair versus replacement.




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