Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Rug Cleaning Plant True Story

In the rug cleaning plant we get lots of people coming in to drop off the fine floor coverings. When they drop them off and pick them up we give our customers a discount on the cleaning. So the walk in traffic is steady most days. So any time you deal with the public crazy things will happen. I remember the guy that came in and every other word was a curse word. He wasn’t mad or angry just seemed to be the way he spoke to people. We’ve had people bring in their young kids and of course kids will be kids and climb all over everything. Also we’ve had people come to pick up their rugs while it was raining and they wanted to through their rugs in the back of a pick-up truck. Also, come when it is sunshiny outside and still want to throw their rugs in the back of a dirty pick-up truck. Even with all this there is still one story that stands out in my mind as one of the funniest things someone ever told us or did in our shop while picking up their rugs.

A couple came in to drop off their rugs for cleaning and we unloaded them and wrote up the invoice and they went on their merry way. We did think that is was a little weird that the wife never did come inside the rug cleaning plant though. So we cleaned the rugs and when they were complete we called the customer and told them they were ready to be picked up. The next afternoon the same couple drives in to pick up their fine floor coverings and the wife stays outside again. The husband came in looked at the rugs and said they looked good and so we rolled them back up and took them outside. The wife met the technician outside and opened the door of the car for him and told him where to lay the rugs. Then she stated that she had to stay outside because she was allergic to wool. The technician looked at her and then looked at the rugs and calmly stated, “Ma’am but your rugs are wool”. The wife looked at the technician and with a straight face she said, “I am not allergic to my wool rugs, just other people’s rugs.” For the life of me I don’t know how the technician kept a straight face and I was extremely glad it was him and not me taking the rug to the car. I would have probably laughed and that would not have been appropriate. I also don’t doubt that this lady is allergic to wool and maybe it is the large concentration of wool debris that is flying around in the rug cleaning plant that causes her issue rather than a small amount in a home. I also know that my wife is allergic to wool and so while the story may be funny there is nothing funny about the allergy. As a side note, since this day we have been wondering if maybe this customer’s rugs were made with wool from specially developed and grown hypo-allergenic sheep.

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