Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Rug Cleaning Company 

Sometimes shaking the dust out of your rug may not be enough so you will need help from a rug cleaning company.   Loose area carpets are a great way to trap soil from being tracked all over your home.  They also provide a great compliment to your other d├ęcor and give a certain warmth to your home.  However they are generally not inexpensive to buy and so protecting your investment is important. So having them stay clean and free of debris can really protect your investment in these fine pieces of woven art. 

Dry soil can abrade and wear down the pile of a carpet.  Choosing the right operation to perform these cleaning services for you is important.  Not all companies have the same equipment or knowledge.  Look for a well-established organization with all the necessary equipment, training, and detergents to perform the rug cleaning services you need.  Many of these floor coverings need extra attention such as dry soil removal, repair, or specialty stain removal.  A company with staff that has experience in many different areas and the equipment to perform the task should be the one you choose.  Online recommendations are helpful but may not tell the whole story, so make sure to ask your friends and relatives who they use to perform these services.   

A professional rug cleaning company should never clean a fine floor covering in your home.  These services should always be performed in a specialty facility set up to restore these pieces to their original beauty.  The reason is that unlike a carpet cleaning company that can transport all their equipment to your home or office, a company that cleans woven art cannot transport their equipment to your home or office.  The machines used are generally large and heavy and are designed to not be moved around.  This means that it is always easier to take the rugs to a plant for washing rather than bringing the washing plant to the floor covering.   

These pieces will be tested for colorfastness before cleaning, then the dry soil removed (this part of the process can take a while depending on the level of soiling), followed by a full immersion wash. Then a final rinse is done to rinse away any remaining detergent or soil. Next drying is accomplished with some specialized equipment that removes as much of the water as possible to speed the drying process, and then after the carpets are dry a final grooming is done to ensure the piece is returned to its original condition and appearance.  Sometimes this process can take a couple of days or longer to complete, which is also why it cannot be completed in your home.


A rug cleaning that will remove the soil and leave your carpet soft, fluffy, and smelling great can only be accomplished by a professional rug cleaning service in their facility.  This will ensure that your floor coverings are returned to you in as close to like new condition as possible.

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