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Family owned oriental rug cleaners Houston, TX.  Rugs hand washed. Call ahead for hours.  

We offer FREE pickup and delivery for oriental rug cleaning and area rug cleaning in the Houston, Texas area or take 25% off when you drop off your rugs for cleaning at our oriental rug cleaning studio. We clean rugs from all over the world whether hand knotted or machine made.  

Our technicians are trained to ask certain questions and do a thorough inspection of each rug to ensure that the utmost care is taken when cleaning your rug whether it is hand-knotted or machine made.  Our gentle hand washing process will safely remove soil and odors from your rugs, leaving them soft, clean, and fresh smelling like the day you purchased them.  While the process may be different from rug to rug, below is the general process used to gently and safely hand wash a rug.

  Oriental/Area Rug Cleaning


First, we inspect the rug with the client when possible. We are looking for pre-existing damage from wear, moths, pets, etc.  We also like to know the age, if any previous cleanings have been done and any other known history of the rug. 


After the rug arrives at our facility the rug is then tested for color fastness.  This process may take a few hours up to a couple of days to complete.


Next, each rug we care for is placed upside down, and gently vibrated with over 40,000 harmonic vibrations per minute to remove the dry soil.  This is done with our amazing RugBadger technology.  This helps insure that your rug is cleaner, fluffier, fresher smelling, and healthier than ever.



Then we take the rug to our wash pit where plenty of fresh water is used.  The object here is the wetter the better.  Just like in your laundry at home you can wash more soil out of something the wetter you get it. 


We then scrub the rug with a rug detergent.  The detergent may vary here with the type of rug.

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Wool is not that different from your own hair. After all, it is animal hair. When cleaning your own hair you 1. Wet thoroughly.  2. Lather.  3. Rinse.  4. Repeat.  We do a lot of lather, rinse, repeat when hand washing a fine rug. 


We often deal with rugs that are contaminated with animal urine.  We have special processes and detergents for this.  


Then we use our "Rug Sucker" technology to give the rug a final rinse.  This helps remove any last bit of contaminants in the rug.  The we use the same "Rug Sucker" technology to extract all the loose water out of the rug.  This allows the rug to dry extremely quickly (can be as fast as 4 hours).




Now we hang the rug for drying. 

3 pole rug rack for drying rugs.JPG 

After the rug is dry it is inspected to see if anything further needs to be done.  Most often the fringe needs some touching up and the rug needs to be groomed. 


At this point, we can apply a protector or moth proofing to the rug upon request. Finally, the rug is rolled up and ready for pickup or delivery. 


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Have your rug cleaned only when it really needs it. For rugs in some areas this will mean a yearly cleaning. Rugs in other areas can go several years or more without needing professional cleaning.

Before and After Rug Cleaning Photos

Before Rug CleaningAfter Rug Cleaning

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