Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Curious as to Why We Have an Oriental Rug Cleaning Webcam

When my dad and I built our new World Headquarters in Humble, TX we planned on having an oriental rug cleaning plant inside the building. Before this I was cleaning them in my garage or we would take them to another rug cleaner that we knew that had a plant. So our delima was that we were running across quite a few customers that would ask us what we were doing with their rugs and where we were taking them? This was understandable and we were losing out on some rugs because of the way we were doing it.

When we opened the new rug cleaning plant we wanted people to know that all their rugs stayed in our plant, and the rug cleaning plant wasn't in my garage. However, we didn't have a good, quick, inexpensive way of doing this. Then one day while working on my website I had the idea of putting a webcam on my website so that customers and potential customers could see how rugs are cleaned in our shop. I went and bought a webcam and placed it in the office over looking the rug cleaning plant. Then we started making videos to play when the webcam was not on. This way when the webcam is off you can still see a video of what our rug cleaning plant looks like and how we clean rugs. Almost overnight it was a huge success. We started getting customers from all over Houston bringing rugs into our plant. They would comment on the webcam and thought it was crazy, funny, and interesting all at the same time. Especially since most rug cleaners never want you in their plant because they don't want you to know what they are doing or how they do it.

We also started receiving calls from other cleaners all over the United States, Canada, and England wanting to know how I did the webcam, how I built my rug washing pit, my drying tower, or just to say they watch what we are doing. Since 2007, we have had rug cleaning customers drive over three hours just to drop rugs off at our shop because of the webcam. We routinely have customers drive over an hour across Houston to drop off rugs at our rug cleaning plant. Many of them even ask where the webcam is located and if they are on it. Today we have upgraded the webcam to a HD quality webcam and so the picture is much better than it used to be.

So come on by the World Headquarters, drop off some rugs for cleaning, get a tour of the plant, but remember your on camera.

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