Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Make Sure To Choose A Certified Firm


There are many cleaners and restorers in the marketplace today, but not all of them are certified firms.  We have all seen the fly by night guys with signs on the side of the road advertising 5 rooms for $99, and many people end up calling one of these guys only to be disappointed.  They either won’t clean for the price stated or they do not do a good job for the price stated.  A lot of this can be eliminated by using reputable firms that go through training and become The Clean Trust Certified Firm ( Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification designation).  The IICRC is the industry’s leading standards writing and certification body in the world today.   With offices in 4 countries and registrants in 22 countries the IICRC is considered by many to be the leading organization in the world to go to for standards and certifications.

A company will have to be able to meet several requirements before becoming a certified firm.  First they need to have a certified technician on staff for all the cleaning services they offer.  Also, they must agree to have a certified technician on all jobs, with a certification in whatever task is being performed.  They have to agree to a code of ethics and must have proof of insurance.  Each technician is also required to go to continuing education in order to keep his certifications current, this way they can stay up on the last trends, equipment, and knowledge within the industry.  Once all the conditions are satisfied then they can become a certified firm.  Their certified firm status is also reviewed yearly to ensure all things are current and up to date.  So the fact that these companies care enough to send technicians to classes so they can become a certified firm should say a lot about the quality of work they are capable of producing.  This should also indicate that you are more likely to choose a firm that cares about quality, when choosing an IICRC certified firm. 

So before you go call just any old company for your next cleaning or restoration project make sure they are a certified firm through The Clean Trust, an IICRC program.  This may not totally eliminate the possibility of you not getting what you paid for, but if you do a little homework on the company along with looking for their certified firm status this should help you select a great company for your next cleaning or restoration project. 


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