Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Drapery Cleaning


Drapery cleaning and the process of looking for a qualified person to eliminate the dirt from can be frustrating.  Many times people think that the window coverings will need to be removed and taken into a dry cleaning facility.  However, many carpet cleaning companies are able to perform this service to your window coverings right in your home.  Call around first and get some prices before just assuming your only option is taking them down and sending them out.  You might be surprised at how much you can save having the service performed in your home versus in a facility.

Many companies have ways to process the window coverings while they are still hanging.  The process would include dry soil removal through vacuuming and with a specially designed sponge.  This specially designed sponge will safely remove additional soil that vacuuming did not remove.  It has some properties in it that attract soil to it and so it can remove some things that vacuuming left behind.  Once the window covering has all the dry soil removed then a drapery cleaning fluid is sprayed on.  The fluid will loosen any additional soil stuck to the cloth and then will be vacuumed off one more time by the technician.  This process will not remove any water based stains, since the fluid is solvent based, on the material but will remove any oils, dust, and other particulate matter from the material leaving it looking and smelling fresh and dirt free. 

The advantage of having the drapery cleaning done in your home while they are hanging is of course not having to be without them for several days, not having the hassle of removing and rehanging them, and some potential cost savings to you. In addition to that, taking them to a facility will not necessarily mean that you will get a better job then when they are done in your home.  A facility will still not be able to remove water stains from the material and you risk having the pleats come apart.     

One of the many problems with these hanging window treatments is that bugs love them.  Roaches, spiders, and other bugs love to get up in between the lining and the material.  This can cause damage to the window treatments and is a great reason to hire a drapery cleaning service to handle this task for you.  These bugs tend to leave behind plenty of evidence that they were there and removing this ever so often is a great way to increase the air quality within the room they are located. 

So the next time your fine window coverings need some attention make sure to call your favorite carpet cleaning company and let them do the work for you while they are hanging in your home.  Besides convenience this is a great way to save money.


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