Wednesday, August 22, 2018

How to Remove the Black Line by Your Baseboards


Why is this line under my bedroom door? I moved my furniture and now there is a dark line outlining where it used to sit.

One of the most common issues we, as carpet cleaners, deal with is an issue called filtration soiling. Filtration soiling is the name given to the accumulation of carpet soil found along the edges of wall to wall carpet, as well as under some doors and furniture. It is formed by air movement through the carpet at these different locations. Your carpet acts like your air conditioning filter does and traps the oily airborne contaminants in the carpet fibers, this will attract more dry soil.

It is difficult to identify effective methods to reduce or prevent filtration soiling. Preventing airflow through carpet and carpet edges by sealing cracks in the subfloor, as well as under baseboards and edges of stairs, and by the installation and regular replacement of high efficiency HVAC air filters may reduce filtration soiling problems. While no one cleaning technique may be successful in all filtration soiling situations, recent innovations in soil- and stain-resist treatments applied to carpet have reduced the effort previously needed to remove the filtration soil.

However, the complete removal of contaminants from the soiled areas can be complicated, depending on the type of contaminant materials present. To achieve the best results, the services of a cleaning professional should be considered. Filtration soil is a complex mix of very fine even microscopic chemical particulates such as carbon, sulfur, oxides and silica soil plus oils. This very fine soil strongly attaches to carpet fibers and over time these airborne soils will solidify, permanently staining the carpet. In some cases these soils can oxidize (bleach) the color from the carpet.

Improvements to the appearance of the carpet can be made sometimes, but complete spot removal is often difficult or impossible when the problem goes to long without treatment.

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