Tuesday, August 21, 2018

How to Remove Toner From Carpet 

Removing toner from carpet should be relatively easy, but still every couple of months we get a call from a business or an individual that had a cartridge spill toner on their carpet.  They call frantically and in a panic and sometimes they have even tried to clean it themselves which can be bad if they are not familiar with how to remove it.  Many times people act in fast and try to fix it before the boss sees.  This can be bad if they get the spot wet, because this can actually set the toner into the carpet fibers and make it almost impossible to remove. 

The first thing to remember before trying to remove toner from carpet is that it is not liquid but a very fine powder.  Since it is a powder vacuuming it up with a vacuum that does not have a brush bar or beater bar is the first step.  You want to only use a vacuum with suction so that you don’t spread the powder or push it down into the fibers. Pushing it down into the fibers would make it more difficult to remove. This powder is extremely fine and considerable time should be taken with the vacuuming step to insure that as much of the powder is removed as possible. Whatever you do, do not get the area wet until it has been thoroughly vacuumed.  After vacuuming is complete you may not need to do anything else, because it may look fine.   

If the powder is on an oriental rug, vacuum thoroughly and then call a professional rug cleaner if further cleaning is needed.   

The next step in removing toner from carpet is to use some dry cleaning fluid. The dry cleaning solvent should not be flammable and can be purchased at the grocery store or hardware store. If dry cleaning fluid is not available to you then try some rubbing alcohol.  Take the dry cleaning fluid and blot the area with a white terry cloth towel.  If this is not helping to remove the toner from the carpet, then you might need a wet / dry vacuum to help with extraction.  Put the dry cleaning fluid on the spot and extract it with the wet / dry vacuum.  This may need to be done several times to get the desired results. Before you are finished mist the area with clean fresh water and then extract thoroughly. Make sure to leave the fibers as dry as possible when you have achieved your desired results. 

Removing toner from carpet should be relatively easy when you follow the steps listed above. The most important thing to remember though is without the vacuuming thoroughly it will be almost impossible to return the area to the appearance it had before the spill occurred.  So don’t forget this very important step and make sure to spend plenty of time on this step too.  

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