Wednesday, August 22, 2018

How to Remove Spots on Draperies

Drapery cleaning can be harder than it looks.  Most people who have draperies in their home or office don’t often give much thought to them.  Most of the time, they just hang there and never really get touched or dirty except for a little dust from time to time.  However, there are plenty of times when accidents happen or too many people with dirty hands move the drape to find the pull string and the drape needs some cleaning.  Some other reasons these fabrics need sprucing up from time to time are insects tend to make homes in them and leave little tiny droppings or the drapery might actually pick up some condensation off a window and when it dries it leaves water spot.  So there are instances over the life of the window treatment that it will become soiled and need some attention.  At that point the question becomes, how you safely clean the textile so that you can get many more years of service out of it. 

Many times a professional drapery cleaning service can clean the window covering while they are hanging in your home.  The process would include vacuuming, dry chemical sponging, applying a dry cleaning solvent, and then extracting the solvent.  This drapery cleaning process works great at freshening up the look and smell of the fabric and has a considerable cost savings over taking them into a dry cleaning plant where virtually the same process will happen.  The down side to dry cleaning whether in your home or in a dry cleaning plant is that it will not remove any water based stains such as the bug spots or any water spots on the fabric.  Sometimes the water spots and bug spots can be taken care of by an in-plant drapery cleaning but not always.  The dry cleaning process is great at removing oils and soil though.  This is usually seen where you move the drape to the side to pull the cord that opens and closes the fabric.  The fabric in that area over time will become darker due to oils off your skin collecting in that area and can be easily remove with dry cleaning fluid.

So if you are looking to have drapery cleaning done, consider a cleaner that will clean them while hanging in your home or office.  There is little to no downside in having them cleaned in this manner and you should save yourself plenty of time and money with this method.

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