Tuesday, August 21, 2018

How To Remove Wax From Carpet

Are you trying to remove wax from carpet, but don’t know where to start?  You got a little too carried away with the candles and now you have some clean-up to do.   The problem is you don’t want to ruin your floor covering in the process.  So here are some simple steps to follow to remove wax from carpet with items that most people already have in their home.  Going slow if you have never done this before is the key to insuring success.

One way to remove wax from carpet is with an iron, a white terry cloth towel, some water.  While your iron is heating up, remove any excess wax from the carpet that you can easily get off.  Then take a white terry cloth towel and wet it.  The towel should be damp but not dripping.  Also, make sure the towel is white and has no print on it.  This is important so that no transfer of color from the towel to the carpet occurs.   Once the towel is damp then fold it in half and place it on the wax, making sure that the towel is big enough so that the entire iron can sit on it.  If the iron touches the carpet it will burn it, so it is important to not let this happen.  Only leave the iron on the towel for 6-8 seconds then remove it and flip the towel.  Keep repeating the process til all the wax is removed, making sure the towel stays damp the entire time.  The danger of this method is obviously the iron and if it touches something it is not supposed to then it will leave a mark.  The advantage is that when done right it is a quick way to remove a lot of wax and most people have access to an iron.

A little safer way to remove wax from carpet involves using a wall paper steamer and a white terry cloth towel.  You can heat up the wax with the wall paper steamer and then blot up the wax with the terry cloth towel.  It generally takes about 20 minutes for the steamer to heat up but after that you can move around and pick up a lot of wax quickly.  The disadvantage is that most people don’t have a wall paper steamer readily available and if you are not careful you can still burn yourself with the steam.

So no matter which method you choose to remove the wax with you should be successful when following the steps above.  Remember the first time you try either method to go slow so that you don’t ruin the carpet or burn yourself.


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