Tuesday, August 21, 2018

How to Remove Rust From Carpet

How to remove rust from carpet is one of the more common things I get asked as a carpet cleaner.  Most people assume that the rust will not come out, when in reality it is one of the easier spots for a cleaner to get out of carpet.  What if you didn’t want to call a professional carpet cleaner though and you wanted to get the rust out yourself?  Well here is some things to try.

First remove as much of the rust from the carpet as possible.  This could be done by vacuuming the area and scraping up any big pieces of rust that may be stuck to the surface of the carpet.  This is a crucial step in any spot removal process.  After all the loose, dry pieces are removed from the carpet then squeeze some lemon juice on to the spot and follow it up with some salt.  Let the lemon juice and salt mix together and react for the next 24 hours.  During this time, periodically go back over to the spot and squeeze some more lemon juice on the spot.  After 24 hours if the spot is going to go away then it will be gone, but you are not done yet.  You need to flush the lemon juice and salt out of the carpet.  The easiest way I have found to do that is with a wet/dry vacuum and a spray bottle of water.  Simply saturate the area with water and extract.   Make sure to remove as much water as possible so the area will dry quickly.

If the lemon juice does not work you can then try making a paste with some water and cream of tartar.  Take the paste and work it in to the spot well.  Let it sit on the spot for 24 hours and then rinse it the same way you did after the lemon juice and salt.

If you still need another solution on how to remove rust from carpet then try taking some vinegar and putting it on the rust and letting it work on the spot for a while.  Of course you will need to rinse this well also when finished. 

If all else fails you can call an IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification) Certified Firm to come and help you remove the spot.  A professional carpet cleaner will have access to products that you as an individual will not have access to.   Many of the products available to cleaners to remove rust from carpets work in less than a minute and then are rinsed out of the carpet by the cleaning technician. 

No matter how you remove rust from carpet at the end of the day just make sure whatever you put in the carpet can be fully rinsed out of the carpet.

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