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How To Remove Pet Urine From Carpet

Carpet cleaning and pets living in a house seem to go hand in hand.  As Americans we love have pets.  Studies show that at least 70% of all Americans have at least one pet. These pets are wonderful for companionship and may be the only one happy to see to us at the end of a long day.  However, these pets are notorious for having “accidents.”  Trying to clean up after these pets is big business but not an exact science.  While there are home remedies to help deal with these issues sometimes it may be more than you can handle by yourself and a professional carpet cleaning company might be needed. 

If you catch it shortly after the “accident” has occurred, you would want to immediately blot up the spot with either white paper towels or white terry cloth towels. Do not use towels with prints or colors because the color may transfer to the carpet. Then rinse the area with plenty of fresh water.  If you have a wet/dry vacuum or home spotting machine then spray the area with water and extract it thoroughly.  Make sure to leave the area as dry as possible.  If you weren’t so lucky and didn’t catch it quickly here are some other carpet cleaning techniques you can try.  A solution of vinegar and water applied to the affected area and rinsed with clean water should help counteract the affects of the urine, although your house might smell like a pickle afterwards.  There are also numerous pet odor enzymes on the market that could help you with this problem.  The main thing to remember is that rinsing the area with lots of fresh water after applying any of those products will increase the chances of it working for you.   

If you are still unable to remove the odor call a reputable carpet cleaning company who can come out and remove the odor.  These companies have things available to them that the average home owner does not, such as specialty detergents, super extraction units, and industry training.  These companies can thoroughly flush the carpet and pad with specially designed extraction tools. By doing this they can usually remove most if not all the odor from the carpet.  The most effective way to clean these floor coverings would be to pull them up and wash them similar to the way you would your clothes. However, this is not practical and so using these type tools is the next best thing.   

If you are looking for a reputable carpet cleaning company you can look for an IICRC Certified Firm and make sure that the technician sent to your home is also IICRC or The Clean Trust Certified in carpet cleaning.  This will help insure that you get quality work. While removing pet odors can be difficult and challenging it doesn’t have to be impossible.



Inspired by: Beth Guide

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