Tuesday, August 21, 2018

How To Remove Gum From Carpet

As with many Americans, I like chewing gum, although gum removal from unwanted areas can be a pain.  Like most people, I don’t like stepping in gum in a parking lot and getting it all over my shoes.  I am also not a fan of accidentally sticking my hand in gum under a table at a restaurant.  As a carpet cleaner though, I am constantly asked to remove gum in carpet which is equally as disgusting as the other things I mentioned above.  So, if you are looking for gum removal tips then I can offer a few here.

Freezing gum can allow you to be able to remove it by “chipping” it off the unwanted area.  There are several ways to do this.  There are actually “freeze” sprays you can buy that will instantly “freeze” the gum and then you can chip it away.  If the gum is in the carpet, you could also take an ice cube and put the ice cube on top of the gum for several minutes and when it gets hard then remove the ice and chip up the gum.  If the gum happens to be on clothing then actually stick the article of clothing in the freezer and wait til the gum gets hard and then remove it. 

Some other good ways to remove gum would be with gum removal chemicals.  There are some gum removers out there that will nearly disintegrate the gum when you apply the chemical and scrub or chip away at the gum.  However, most of these type products are solvents that are only available to professional carpet cleaners.  Although, I have seen WD-40 used successfully to remove gum you must be able to rinse the residue out of the carpet after the gum is removed.  This could cause you more trouble, but if it is the only thing you have on hand then it is an option. 

All these tips will work, as well as many others that I haven’t listed.  The one thing you will need to remember though when cleaning any spot, including gum, is that whatever you put into the carpet to remove the spot you need to be able to rinse out.  If you don’t rinse out the product used to remove the spot then you could cause the area to rapidly resoil which can be more frustrating than the original spot was.

So the next time you are done chewing that stick of gum make sure to dispose of it properly and then gum removal will not need to be done in the first place.


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