Wednesday, August 22, 2018

How To Minimize The Possibility Of Moth Damage During Storage

Moth damage on a wool rug is something most of us don’t think about when storing a rug over a long period of time. However, the reality is it can happen to a wool rug in storage just as easily as it can in your home where part of the rug is under some furniture and never seen. There are many reasons why people store their wool rugs though and so if you can minimize the possibility of having moth damage during storage here’s a few things to do. Unfortunately, you can do everything listed below and still get moth damage so keep that in mind.

1. Never store a dirty rug. Wool moths are attracted to dust and dirt, they do not like clean items. So having your rugs professionally cleaned is a great way to prevent moths from coming in and damaging your fine floor covering.

2. You should store your rugs in a material that will allow it to “breathe”, such as Tyvek, cotton sheet, or even craft paper. Never store a rug wrapped in plastic. Wool rugs can hold 30% of their weight in water and still feel dry to the touch. So if you put a rug in plastic it will start to condensate inside the plastic which can not only lead to dry rot and water damage but also is great for attracting moths. Moths love a humid environment such as the inside of a plastic bag that is sweating.

3. Since moths are attracted to dark places with stagnant air, make sure there is some cross ventilation where you are storing the rug. Closets and other small confined areas are not ideal rug storage locations.

4. Don’t store your wool rugs with other wool items.

5. Check your rugs often while in storage. Unroll them and inspect them once a month, if possible. If you notice any moths take your rugs to a professional rug cleaner as soon as possible to prevent the spread of the moths and to prevent any further damage from the moths.

6. Don’t store your rugs on the ground. Elevate them up off the ground. This may not help any with wool moths but it will definitely prevent other bad scenarios from happening.

Fine wool rugs were made to be used so the longer you store them the greater the possibility that damage will occur to them. So enjoy your rugs and limit the time in storage to only what is necessary.

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