Wednesday, August 22, 2018

How To Pick A Rug Cleaning Service

When trying to pick a rug cleaning service, you should take into account the approach to rug cleaning that each company has. Some companies that claim to clean rugs are mainly carpet cleaning companies and try and treat a fine oriental rug like a piece of synthetic carpet. Hand-knotted rugs can be a rather large investment and need proper care. Generally rugs are extremely durable but just like most things they can be damaged by soil. A wool rug can hold up to a pound of dry soil in its fibers and still look clean. So a large rug full of soil will wear out quicker and weigh a lot more than a clean well cared for rug.

So what should a rug owner look for when picking a rug cleaning service? Training and education will set a good rug cleaner apart from the average rug cleaner or a carpet cleaner. Some companies have been doing rug cleaning for generations and so the knowledge is passed down, but most of us need to take classes to get that kind of knowledge. Yes, believe it or not, there are classes rug cleaners can attend that teach them fiber identification, types of rugs, different cleaning methods, different types of equipment, rug repair, and more. Many people involved in the industry will take classes on a constant basis to keep on top of trends and new techniques. So look for a company that regularly attends some kind of training.

Choose a company with a rug cleaning facility, not a carpet cleaner wanting to clean the rug in your home. This is crucial. Any person wanting to clean a rug in your home will not have the proper training or else they would know better. A professional rug cleaning plant will have specialized equipment that is large and not easily transported to your home, like a carpet cleaner’s equipment is. There are specialized machines to gently vibrate dry soil from a rug, unique machines that wash and dry rugs and none of this can be easily transported to a home. Also, if your rug sits on top of a wood floor then you do not want a wet wool blanket sitting on top of the wood floor while it dries. This could cause serious damage to the wood floor underneath it. The process of testing the rug to make sure the colors are stable, gently vibrating the dry soil out of the rug, cleaning the rug, removing any additional spots, cleaning the fringe and drying the rug will generally take longer than just an hour or two. Sometimes this process may take up to a week.

So choosing a rug cleaning service that educates, trains, and uses the proper equipment is critical when picking who gets to clean your rug. After all this is considered and you know who the quality cleaners are then you can shop each of their prices. Just don’t consider price until you have looked at all the other variables.

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