Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Household Remedy For All Kinds of Spots

carpet spot remover


Have you ever wished you could just have one product that was inexpensive and worked on multiple spots and spills when you were cleaning around the house?  How about having one product that will clean your clothes in your washing machine, remove spots from your carpet, and help with some relief from poison oak and poison ivy?  It’s not a myth there is such a thing and it has been around for over a 100 years but most people today don’t think that much about it.  It’s called Fels Naptha.

Fels Naptha can be found online or at your local hardware store or grocery store.  Fels Naptha is generally found where the rest of the laundry products are located, not in the bath soap area.  It is a bar of soap but is not for bathing.  Fels Naptha is good at removing chocolate, grease, lipstick, perspiration, ring around the collar, filter fading in carpet (dark lines around the baseboards, caused by air flow through the carpet and the carpet filtering the air as it moves through it) and many other common household spots.

To use Fels Naptha in the laundry you can either grate some up in the washing machine with your clothes or wet the bar and the piece of clothing and rub the spot you want gone with the Fels Naptha and then wash it in the washing machine.  You can also make your own laundry detergent with Fels Naptha.  There are many different “recipes”  for this online and the savings over the course of a year can be huge since you can buy Fels Naptha for around a 1.00 a bar. 

Fels Naptha can also be used to remove many spots and spills from carpeting. When using as a carpet spot remover here are some things to know. Take the bar and make sure it is wet.  You may also need to wet the area of the carpet you are trying to clean.  Then rub the Fels Naptha bar on the area and rinse with fresh water.  If you don’t have an extractor to rinse the soap with then, try a wet/dry vacuum and spraying some water on the area and vacuuming it off.  Keep repeating the process until all the soap residue is removed.  Fels Naptha is very soapy and needs to be rinsed thoroughly or you might get a reoccurring spot where the product is not removed totally. 

Besides these uses Fels Naptha can also be used to remove soap scum in showers, sooth the itch of a bug bite, give you relief from rashes caused by poison oak and poison ivy, and can even help you clean up paintbrushes. With so many uses is it any wonder why it has been around for over 100 years.

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