Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Hire a Carpet Cleaner or Do It Yourself?

Deciding wether or not to clean the carpet yourself or hire a professional carpet cleaner can be a difficult decision.  Even if your carpet came with a protector applied to it from the factory, and you are diligent about blotting spills and cleaning up spots, there will come a time when choosing between professional carpet cleaning or a do it yourself job is necessary. Such as holiday company, a new baby, or just moving out of the house.

Having the carpet cleaning done professionally can be costly, and if you get a less than reputable company in your house the result can be less than desirable. Generally, this can happen if you go with the cheapest bid. The up side is that if you hire a cleaner that is  certified through an organization like the IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification), your carpet should be left cleaner, looking almost like new and come with a guarantee.

If you choose to clean the carpet yourself, you could save yourself some money.  However you will have to know what you are doing and how to do it.  Otherwise, renting a carpet cleaning machine and not knowing the right detergents to use to get out the spots you have can damage the carpet and you could leave the carpet so wet that it would sour before it dried.  If you choose to do it yourself, do a little research as to the different chemicals used by a professional carpet cleaning so that you can set yourself up to be successful if you do it yourself.  Also, never put the carpet cleaning detergent in the same water that will rinse the carpet.  When rinsing the carpet you are trying to extract all the detergent and soil at the same time and this can not be accomplished using the detergent in the rinse water.  If you do this it will leave a sticky residue that will attract soil to it, causing the carpet to look dirty again quickly.

When you are finished cleaning the carpet and you have extracted all the excess water you can, use fans to speed dry the carpet.  If you are in the southern United States like me and it is always humid leave the windows closed and let your air conditioner pull moisture when it kicks on.  Do not try to set the air conditioner down real low, remember the colder it is the less evaporation will take place.  The next key is the more air flow directly on the carpet the faster it will dry.   

The bottom line in carpet cleaning is given all the downsides to the process, you may be better off hiring a professional carpet cleaner to do your carpet cleaning, but make sure that you ask questions about their company and check them out through the local Chamber of Commerce, your friends and family members, and their reviews online. If you can't find ample evidence to prove they are an honest, reputable company then call someone else. This will help you choose a quality, reputable company that you will be pleased with. 

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