Tuesday, August 21, 2018


The most important part of effective tile and grout cleaning is to have the right machinery and tools at your disposal. Many individuals choose to conduct this process manually but this can be time-consuming and very labor-intensive. A more preferred method of effectively cleaning these types of surfaces is to utilize a quality steam cleaner. These machines will greatly assist you in removing dirt and dust from the floor surface. It is recommended that the device chosen have a high enough output temperature with a sharp steam nozzle that will allow for the water vapor to effectively cover the grout area. Machines that are designed specifically for tile and grout cleaning are perfect for this process as other cleaning equipment does not typically provide a high enough pressure output.

Steam cleaning machines can be effective at cleaning tile surfaces and grout but it is when they are paired with the right attachments that they really have an impact. Instead of manually using solvents and mops or sponges, the ones attached to the steam cleaning machine will be able to cover a wider surface area and provide greater steam coverage area. It is important that the vapor output temperature of the machine is as high as possible. Many of the steam cleaners on the market today, available to consumers, are specifically designed for tile and grout cleaning and offer temperatures of up to 386F. With temperatures this high, these machines have the capability of melting impurities and completely eradicating any type of bacteria that may be present in between the tiles. Typically with temperatures this high the water exiting the device is strictly vapor. This is beneficial, as it does not leave behind a wet area to be cleaned after the device has been in operation.

For those individuals seeking a more professional route, there are many cleaning services that will be able to come in and perform a thorough floor cleaning with professional grade equipment. These professional services will remove dirt from both the tile and grout and effectively leaving it in the condition that would mimic when it was freshly installed. A professional tile and grout cleaning company will have units that most likely are van powered. Much like carpet cleaning they will bring two hoses into your home, use a specially designed tool to remove the soil from the tile and grout and leave the floor nearly dry when complete. These companies, typically, also have sealants that they can apply to the tile surface to ensure it stays protected from future spills. This is a great option for someone that doesn’t want to be on their hands and knees all day scrubbing their floors.

So when cleaning the tile and grout in your home or office there are several do-it-yourself techniques or you can just call the professionals.

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