Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Hand Washing Oriental Rugs is the Better Cleaning

Although there are many Available options to conduct oriental rug cleaning using machines, many rug owners prefer hand cleaning because of its efficiency and because of the special attention given to the rugs that makes them cleaner. It is clear that fine rugs deserve high quality and gentle care-something that only hand washing experts can provide. With this approach you can rest assured of proper care for fine oriental rug cleaning. Rugs made from natural fibers, cotton, silk or fine wool is expensive and worth all the care they can get. Two major reasons compel owners to choose hand washing over machine washing for oriental rug cleaning. Natural fibers have a unique ability to hide dirt. Hence, hand washing allows cleaning experts to provide the necessary attention required to make them really clean. Also, conventional cleaning using machines apply high pressure and special chemicals to the rags, that can leave your carpet damaged from high PH or the associated pressures. Hand cleaning, on the other hand efficiently removes damaging gritty soil from oriental rugs, leaving them colorful, clean and beautiful. When using the hand washing process for oriental rug cleaning, the following steps are followed.

The Oriental rugs are dusted to remove the accumulated quantities of dust and sand that stick to the rug with continuous use. Removing the dry soil from a rug can be done several ways. The two most common ways or to use a machine to gently vibrate the backing of the rug while it is upside down and this allows the soil to fall out of the rug onto the floor. The other way it to use compressed air with specialty built tools to be able to handle the job. This step is crucial to the cleaning process as a wool rug or synthetic carpet and hold up to one pound of soil in one square foot and still look relatively clean. The video attached here shows an example of this. Before washing, oriental rugs must be checked to ensure they are colorfast.  The rug is then immersed in water and scrubbed with a rug cleaning solution. Cleaning is done by pushing dirty water toward the ends of the fibers. The cleaning solution used will remove odors and pet stains.The water is softened through a water softening system which leaves the fibers of the rug fluffy and soft.The drying process is a crucial step in the process. Any oriental rug cleaning process will include some kind of drying. Some places use heat, while others may use fans and dehumidifiers and others may just set them outside to dry. Any of the ways are fine, as long as the rug is fully dry in a short amount of time.

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