Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Dyeing a Wool Rug (Color Correction)

Having an oriental rug cleaning done is usually Spot dyeing wool rugssomething none of us look forward to. Likewise when a repair or color correction needs to be done it is generally not something any of us look forward to or have much knowledge in how to do it properly ourselves. So most people hire this type of service out and have an oriental rug cleaning professional do it.  A rug cleaning professional that specializes in the care and maintenance of these fine floor coverings can really save you from lots of heartache. You most likely spent lots of time picking out these rugs and paid a lot of money for them and from time to time they will need a little tender loving care.  

In the picture above you can see a before and after picture of some color correction on a wool rug.  Spot dyeing a rug like this can be time consuming and costly.  Make sure to have an oriental rug cleaning professional do the job for you.

Wool rugs are very sturdy and can take a lot of abuse. They are made to withstand lots of foot traffic for decades. Some of these rugs will not stand up to cleaning without having some issues. So from time to time in our rug cleaning plant we get in rugs that need some color correction. Sun can fade them, harsh chemicals can pull color out in certain areas and many other things can happen causing a rug to be in need of a little dyeing.

Dyeing a rug to repair it is an art. It takes a skilled person that cares about quality and will take their time. There are many different options available to oriental rug cleaning plants to dye rugs and many plants may have multiple systems. There are powder dyes, liquid dyes, color modifying cosmetics, etc. An oriental rug cleaning professional will know which one to use and be able to correct the color so that it matches the rest of the rug. Matching colors and re-dyeing wool that has lost color can be a two tricky things to do. It can take someone years to master dyeing colors to match surrounding colors on one of these fine carpets. So choosing a professional that has been at it for years can really be a plus.


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