Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Drying Carpet and Pad in a Home


So you go home from work today and the water in your water heater is not where it is supposed to be, it is all over your house.  So you start cleaning up the water and realize that it is going to be a big job and you decide to call a water restoration company.  The water restoration company comes out to your house and says it is no problem to dry the carpet and pad without pulling it up.  You’ve never heard of this and are wondering if it can be done with no odor after it is dried.  So here’s the facts about drying carpet and pad after a clean water leak in your home or office.  

Carpet and pad is one of the most porous elements in a structure and if you can’t dry it in place how are you going to dry sheetrock, solid wood baseboards, solid wood flooring, brick around a fireplace, plaster, a header over a door, etc.  There are plenty of companies out there today that will still tell you that you can’t dry a lot of items in a structure and so they must be removed.  This is simply wrong.   

What it does take though is the proper extraction tools, very good LGR dehumidifiers, and the proper air movers.  However, most water restoration companies choose not to purchase this equipment and this is unfortunate and gives the whole water restoration industry a bad name.  Hiring a company that has up to date equipment and knowledge  will help insure that you will get a company that cares about getting you back to dry quickly and with the least amount of cost to you.   

In Texas, where I am, insurance deductibles can be 1 – 2% of the value of the house.  So if you have a $300,000 house with a 1% deductible and you have a water damage situation in your home you will spend the first $3000.00 before insurance picks up the rest.  So if a water restoration company comes in and dries the house for $2000.00 and you don’t need to relay carpet and pad, paint, put on new baseboards, etc. imagine how fast you can be back in your home and you didn’t have to use your insurance.  While this isn’t always possible won’t it be nice to at least have that choice.   

The alternative is moving out for months, tons of reconstruction cost, unnecessary items being put in a landfill, and lots of extra cost to you and the insurance company.  So if you are ever in the unfortunate situation of having water in your home, ask the company you are about to hire if they can completely dry the structure with minimal damage. If not, you will be removing things needlessly and spending a lot more money than you need to, to put your house back together.  This also could save you months of frustration not being able to live in your house.

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