Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Commercial Carpet Cleaning; How It’s Different

Is commercial carpet cleaning all that different than residential carpet cleaning?  Well sort of.  By this I mean, that most carpets made today are of some kind of plastic (nylon, olefin, polyester, etc.) So shouldn’t they be cleaned similarly?  Well they can be, but it may not always be the best choice to clean a residential carpet the same as a commercial carpet.

Residential carpet cleaners predominantly use a method called hot water extraction (steam cleaning).  With this method the technician uses a cleaning wand to spray down water and extract it, nearly at the same time.   This method works well on carpet with padding underneath it, which enables the suction to pull air through the different layers of material.  When the same cleaning wand is used on commercial carpet you do not get as much air flow through the wand, since commercial carpeting is generally a low pile and is glued down directly to the subfloor with no pad.   Since the wand does not get as much air flow through it then it can cause the cleaner problems, such as spot coming back, which they would not normally see in a residential setting. 

So many cleaners do a different cleaning process in a commercial setting.  A low-moisture cleaning process called encapsulation is extremely effective in cleaning commercial carpet.  The detergent is applied to the carpet with a planetary or cylindrical brush machine and the soil is encapsulated into the detergent.  When the area is dry then the soil and the detergent can be vacuumed up even though the carpet looks clean immediately after cleaning.  The better encapsulating detergents will dry to a microscopic crystal that encapsulates the soil.  With this low-moisture encapsulation method there is other advantages such as not having to leave a door open for hoses to go in.  Since a lot of commercial carpets are cleaned at night this is a big security plus.  Since this system uses only 5 gallons of water per 1500 square feet of carpet cleaned then the drying time (typically 1-2 hours) is a lot less than hot water extraction.  Also the amount of carpet to be cleaned can be 2000 -3000 square feet an hour with this method, in comparison to 700 – 900 square feet an hour with hot water extraction.

A company that has both of these systems really has a leg up on their competition and can offer their customers the best one for their particular circumstance.  Another good thing about having both systems is that they can be used together.  Generally when used together on an extremely dirty carpet the results are better than just using one or the other system.

So the next time you are looking to have some commercial carpet cleaning done make sure you look for a company that is prepared to clean it differently than residential carpet, if needed.

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