Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Clear Liquid Spills On An Oriental Rug

Accidental spills of beverages are one of the top reasons people have their carpet or oriental rugs cleaned. Spills can cause plenty of anxiety for people that have spent hard earned money on their floor coverings and don’t want a nasty looking spot left there for everyone to see. Not all spills are difficult to remove and some don’t even show that they need attention right away.

Why Would A Clear Liquid Spill Be A Problem?

Take for instance white wine, clear lemon-lime soda, or any other clear liquid. Unless it is water then these clear liquids could still have sugar in them. So when the drink is knocked over it may appear to be fine if you just blot it up with a rag. However the sugars will stay sticky and attract dirt, soil, and other particulates to the area. So even though it may look fine initially it is just as important to flush the area with plenty of water as it is on spill that shows up immediately.

Proper Spot Cleaning on Carpet or Oriental Rugs

The easiest way to flush the area with water is to get a quart spray bottle with water and saturate the area. Then extract the area with a wet / dry vacuum. If you do not own any kind of wet / dry vacuum then you can always put some water on the area and then get a clean white terry cloth towel and lay it on top of the area and press firmly. You will have to repeat this process with the towel several times so that you can ensure you have thoroughly cleaned the area.

Should I Use A Spot Cleaning Detergent?

No, at this point on a clear liquid spot there should not be any need to use a spot cleaner. Spot cleaners themselves can leave a dirt attracting residue if not rinsed thoroughly so we don’t want to make this any more difficult than it is. Plain water should be adequate to remove the sugars in the fibers and prevent any rapid resoiling issues. Once the area is thoroughly cleaned and dried then you will not have any issues with the area attracting dirt, soil, or other particulates to itself causing a gray or black spot there.

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