Wednesday, August 22, 2018


Wool is a great fabric to use as a carpet or rug. It is beautiful, elegant, and will add comfort and warmth to any room.  Since it can also be more expensive than a synthetic alternative it is good to know a few simple things to take care of it.  The following few steps are meant to take the mystery out of caring for your wool carpet or rugs.

First when compared to a synthetic material wool is very durable and naturally water repellant.  However, wool carpet and wool rugs still need to be cleaned properly to maintain their beauty for years, which will include periodic professional rug cleaning or professional carpet cleaning.

One of the best things you can do to extend the life of any floor covering is to vacuum it regularly. Vacuuming regularly can extend the life of the wool carpet or rug by keeping the dry soil out of the fiber so that it does not scratch it and make it dull. Although wool is durable and more resistant to dust than other materials, it is still important to vacuum regularly. Proper vacuuming is an essential factor in cleaning and maintaining wool or any other carpet or rug for it to last a long time.  When vacuuming make sure to vacuum in more than one direction, this will move the pile around allowing more dry soil to be removed.  Also, the more traffic across the rug or carpet then the more you will need to vacuum.  It is also important to note that a vacuum cleaner with a brush bar would not be the best option for vacuuming a wool rug.  A vacuum with a brush bar could damage the fringe of the rug.

Next when spot cleaning wool yourself remember it is more sensitive to carpet cleaning products than synthetic fibers which are more forgiving. It is best to use a cleaning solution that has a neutral pH level.  If you are in doubt about what product to use then go to a professional rug cleaner or the store where you bought the wool carpet.  They can suggest products for you.  You should also test the product in an inconspicuous area before using it, to make sure that the dyes in the rug are stable.  Also, by getting to a spill quickly you will generally have better luck removing the spill then if you wait a while.

Lastly, have your carpet or rug cleaned professionally once in a while. Having your wool carpet or rug cleaned by professionals once in a while will help keep it in great condition. Especially with a wool rug, having it cleaned by a professional rug cleaner will extend its life because a rug cleaner will be able to remove almost all of the dry soil in the rug in a rug cleaning plant.

While taking care of your wool carpet or rug can be more difficult than cleaning a synthetic carpet or rug, following a few simple tips you can enjoy your wool floor coverings for years to come.




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