Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Carpet Spot Removal Tips


I would suggest to you that using spot removers can cause many problems with your carpet.  Just spraying the spot remover on a spot and rubbing it with a cloth may not remove all the detergent or the spot.  The spot needs to be rinsed with water in most cases to remove the spot and the detergent.   By not rinsing the spot it can cause rapid re-soiling of the area.   So put the spot remover of your choice on a rag, gently blot the spot and then rinse the area with water.

Let’s start with a carpet spot removal secret. This one secret will increase your success at removing spots in your home carpet or even your car. The best part about this secret is that many people already own one but they never think about using it when a spill occurs. The secret is the wet/dry vac. While this may not have as much suction as a professional carpet cleaners van mounted extraction unit, it can do the job for spot cleaning small areas and help you achieve better results than if you were to just blot with a towel.

Using the proper techniques and cleaners to clean up spills will minimize the chances of the spot becoming a permanent stain. 

One of the most useful tools for removing spots is a wet/dry vac. With a wet/dry vacuum cleaner you can quickly suck up spills, but more importantly, you can repeatedly flush the area with water and pull it back out. This is much more efficient than blotting with a cloth, and less likely to cause damage to the carpet.  After working with me on several jobs before when he was visiting from out of town, my brother-in-law saw how our carpet cleaning truck and wand worked.  He decided to use a wet/dry vac. and a spray bottle to remove spots from his own carpet in between professional cleanings and he has great success with it.   Just be sure to follow a few simple steps.

For many food and beverage spills a spray bottle of water and a wet/dry  vac. will do the trick.  Spray the spot with water, then extract with the wet/dry vac. and repeat as necessary.  As long as you are seeing an improvement, then keep going.  Make sure though that you extract as much water out of the carpet as you can before spraying the area further.

If you had some success but did not remove all of the spot then put one teaspoon of liquid dish soap in your quart spray bottle full of water and spray the area again and follow it up with the wet/dry vac.  Once you have removed the spot or convinced yourself you need to try something else then rinse the area again with plain water.  This is important because you do not want to ever leave any detergent residue in the carpet that could stay sticky and not dry causing the carpet to rapidly re-soil.

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