Tuesday, August 21, 2018


            Carpet Maintenance 

There are several things that you can do to either increase or decrease the life of your carpet. In our carpet cleaning business we see a lot of carpet problems and a good number of them could have been prevented or at the very least, minimized.
I would suggest to you that using spot removers can cause many problems with your carpet. Just spraying the spot remover on a spot and rubbing it with a cloth does not remove the detergent. The spot needs to be rinsed with water.   By not rinsing the spot it can cause rapid resoiling of the area. You will not notice this right away, but in a few weeks you will look down and say that spot came back. Actually the spot did not come back but the detergent residue left in the carpet attracted new dirt to itself making it look like the spot came back.  So put the spot remover on a rag, gently rub or tamp the spot and then rinse with clean water.  A squirt bottle of water and a shop vac could help you remove the detergent residue.
Color loss in carpet is another problem we see. This can be caused from many different things.   Make sure that if the spot remover you use has an expiration date on it, that it is not expired when you use it.   Sometimes the use of “old” spot removers can cause color loss in carpet. Color loss can also occur from bleach, acne medicine, toilet bowl cleaners, etc. 
One of the best and easiest things to do to extend the life of your carpet is to vacuum. When you vacuum you should vacuum north, south, east, and west. This will ensure that you do a thorough job.   There is research that has been out for many years that states that a little more than 70% of soil in carpet can be removed with a thorough vacuuming.   Of course it goes without saying that the vacuum should be in good working order and have a clean bag to do the best job. Then follow the manufacturers guidelines for getting your carpet professionally cleaned. 
A good rule of thumb is to only put in the carpet what you can get out of the carpet.
Kevin Pearson is a Master Cleaning Technician with IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification) and has been in the cleaning and restoration industry since 1992. Kevin has dried building in Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana. He has extensive experience drying residential homes but has also dried office buildings, chemical plants, historical homes, Southern Methodist University, Stephen F. Austin State University, The Toyota Center (where the Houston Rockets play) and more.
Kevin is presently working on a committee to rewrite the carpet inspector standards in our industry and has previously served on the carpet cleaning standards revision committee. He serves as Chairman of the Certified Firm Committee and is on the Registrant Standards Committee at the IICRC as well as serving on the Board of Directors of the IICRC since October 2011. He also serves on the Board of Directors of the Professional Cleaning and Restoration Alliance. For information Call Pearson Carpet Care at 281-548-7200 or visit our website at www.pearsoncarpetcare.com.  

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