Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Carpet cleaning may sound like a common-place or unimportant task; but, actually maintaining the carpets in your home by cleaning and removing stains, soil, and allergens is important for keeping them in good condition and contributes to their beauty.

Manufacturers, inspectors, and other industry-related professionals recommend carpet cleaning to assist with extending the life of the carpet and helping maintain the aesthetics.  Just like anything else which is sophisticated and concerns items of value, it is better to consult an experienced/certified professional within the carpet business as opposed to performing the job yourself.  The advantages of hiring a carpet cleaning specialist far outweigh the cost:

1.      If you don’t know how to properly restore the carpet, you may unintentionally cause damage, thus lessening the value of the carpet

2.      Most professional carpet businesses have the knowledge and expertise to effectively repair the carpet, insuring that future wear will be kept to a minimum

3.      The cleaning process can be awkward, bulky, complicated and may be beyond your physical ability

4.      Specialized and expensive equipment and chemicals, which you probably don’t have access to, or have stocked in your home, may be required

5.      New cleaning technologies are being developed, perfected, and implemented every day but you may not be familiar with them

6.      Professional cleaners are better able to monitor your carpet cleaning with scheduled maintenance dates and a close understanding of your particular carpet (each carpet has its own life and is as individual as the owner)  


Just as there are advantages to having a clean carpet, there are serious disadvantages to ignoring your carpet.  Dust mite infestations are a reality that, unfortunately, if left unchecked can cause serious respiratory and allergy health problems. 

Dust mites produce body fragments, scales which are shed, and feces in the form of microscopic particles.  These particles can collect and unknowingly be inhaled, leading to unhealthy conditions.  When carpets are left un-cleaned, not only do these particles accumulate, but population of the dust mites is left safe to thrive.

In addition to the potential dust mite problem, mold is another danger to good health when carpets are not cleaned.  Even when only small amounts of moisture are present, dirty carpets encourage the development and growth of various types of mold/mildew – none of which are compatible with the human body.

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